Samsara for video visibility

Connected Video

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Complete video visibility on the road and in the workplace

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Analyze video data in one view for better decisions

Gain full visibility into events on site and on the road - track goods from production through delivery, minimize product shrinkage, and ensure compliance to safety protocols.

Cloud-based dashboard

United view of sites and vehicles

“Samsara gives us a 360° view of our fleet and sites in one place”
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Reduce incident-related costs by quickly finding the footage you need

Dive deeper to identify, diagnose, and resolve issues across your operations with on-demand video retrieval and intelligent search tools.

Easy video retrieval

Intelligent search

“We saw a 92% reduction in time spent reviewing footage with intelligent search”
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Improve safety and operational efficiency

Grant authorized leaders direct access to relevant video footage to identify, diagnose and resolve incidents. Promote collaboration on safety and efficiency best practices with secure link sharing and video exports.

Granular user permissions

On-the-go visibility

Video-based coaching tools

“Remotely monitoring job sites saves time and provides insights to activities and hazards”
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Learn how to get complete video visibility with Connected Video

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Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how one customer gains 360° operational visibility


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