A Complete Sensor Solution that Deploys in Minutes

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Flexible Architecture for Many Applications

Samsara is designed for diverse environments from energy monitoring to asset utilization to vehicle tracking. Fully-wireless sensors are flexible and easy to deploy, while extensible software can capture hundreds of metrics, bringing visibility and insight into any operation.

  • fleet management telematics


  • energy monitoring


  • temperature monitoring


  • industrial monitoring


  • asset monitoring


Secure Cellular Connectivity Built In

Innovative wireless technology provides secure, real-time connectivity out of the box. With cellular connectivity included covering 158 countries around the world, Samsara connects out of the box with no SIM cards to provision, carrier contracts to negotiate, or data fees to manage. Proprietary software adds security and reliability for demanding industrial applications, including remote areas with minimal cellular coverage.

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Scalable Cloud-Hosted Infrastructure

Samsara's cloud-hosted architecture simplifies deployment for projects of all sizes. With data storage, analytics, and interactive dashboards in the cloud, Samsara eliminates the cost and complexity of deploying and maintaining servers, storage, and software. Moreover, Samsara's hosted infrastructure is always up to date, with new features released each month.

View Any Asset,
Anywhere, in Real-time

Samsara is a real-time connected platform ideal for distributed or mobile applications. Take a bird’s-eye view of your operations, viewing aggregate data at a large scale, then drill down into an individual asset or sensor to achieve complete, real-time visibility.

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Harness Analytics to Improve Efficiency

Armed with data from thousands of endpoints, Samsara’s advanced analytics engines provide deep visibility and insights into operations - from anomaly detection to utilization and trend analysis - providing operators with actionable data to improve efficiency.

Deploy in Minutes,
not Months

  • wireless designFlexible wireless design

  • easy installationZero-touch installation

  • end to end securityAutomatic end-to-end security

  • up to dateAlways up-to-date

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