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Actionable insights for measuring and growing the impact of your fleet safety program


    Compare and contrast safety scores across your fleet, tags, or drivers.

  • Risk Factors Reports
  • Behavior Insights

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Gain full visibility into your fleet safety performance all within a single dashboard

  • Safety SCORES

    Configure and calibrate safety scores in minutes to customize how you measure safety improvements across your fleet.

  • Coaching PERFORMANCE
  • Integrations

Learn how PODS increased their safety score from 89 to 94 by having greater visibility into driver safety performance.

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Stay ahead of the pack with benchmarking tools and settings for your fleet

  • Fleet Benchmarking

    Elevate your fleet as industry leaders by analyzing speeding or harsh event trends relative to your peers.

  • insurance
  • ROI
Summit Materials

Learn how Summit Materials incorporated a March Madness-style driver gamification program to reinforce safety across their organization.

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Incorporate reporting tools to build a strong safety culture across the organization



Build alignment across the organization to proactively address safety incidents when it matters most.

Safety Managers & Coaches

Ensure coaches are proactively addressing safety incidents and reducing risky driving behaviors across the fleet.

Proactive Driver Coaching Tools


Utilize the Safety Leaderboard within the Driver App to encourage friendly competition and safe driving habits among your drivers.

Apps & Driver Workflows

Learn how on-demand safety data can inform your fleet safety program goals.

How do you get drivers engaged and passionate about safety?

Our Video-Based Safety solution is built to help your fleet get home safely to their family and friends. Making that the clear intention of your safety program with drivers is a good way to begin to get them engaged. Additionally, we’ve heard from other customers that rewarding good behavior is a much more powerful tool than focusing on reprimanding bad behavior. To that aim, we integrated gamification into our product through driver leaderboards and safety score information in the Driver App. Drivers can see their safety score and how they rank against their peers, which studies have shown motivates and engages employees to do everything from filing their expenses on time to taking the stairs more often. Building safety programs that reward good behavior and top performers on driver leaderboards is a good way to get your drivers engaged and passionate about safety, and helps with driver retention within your organization.

How often does the safety score refresh?

In the Safety Overview, you can specify the time window that safety scores are calculated over. In the Driver App, safety scores are shown as of the past 7 days, 30 days, or by specifying a range.

What tools are available to coach on speeding?

There are several tools to choose from. First, we have in-cab speeding alerts that will alert drivers if they are above a certain speed limit on the road, so they can adjust their behavior in real-time. Our Video-Based Safety solution is built to help your fleet get home safely to their family and friends.

Additionally, Speeding Reports in the Safety Overview help you identify instances of speeding, coach drivers on speeding, and tailor speeding definitions and enforceability to the needs of your fleet.

These are available at different levels of detail, including at the trip-level, to help you see specific information like a speeding graph or trip locations that potentially may have contributed to speeding, a driver or vehicle specific speed report, and a company-wide speeding report to help track towards any goals, holistically.

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Safety Program Rollout

Learn how to build a culture of safety for your drivers and organization.

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AI Dash Cams

Build a world-class safety program with AI dash cams, driver safety scorecards, and coaching tools.

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