Easy vehicle inspection reporting prevents unsafe vehicles on the road


Instantly inform mechanics of issues to accelerate repairs


Fully digital records to eliminate adminstration and simplify DVSA compliance

Submit DVIRs on-the-go

Drivers can submit DVIRs directly from their fingertips using the Samsara Driver App, saving precious time. It’s easy for drivers to transition from paper to Samsara DVIR as it contains already used fields by drivers, and simple functions like walkaround image capture.

Centralize Maintenance and Reporting

DVIRs instantly appear in the Dashboard and sit alongside preventive maintenance schedules, maintenance logs, and real-time vehicle statuses. Mechanics can then prioritize the most urgent issues and sign the DVIR for the next driver to verify, completing the FMCSA requirement.

Customize your DVIRs to your fleet

Samsara DVIR gives the ability to design your DVIR using different fields, like required/non required or vehicle type. Customers create their own workflow on DVIR, and use customization to generate new insights and optimize processes.

Simplify Inspection Reports and Maintenance

DVIR is part of a complete solution to improve productivity, simplify compliance, and lower operating costs. Samsara’s DVIR solution creates an efficient communication loop between drivers and mechanics so they can quickly address defects and get vehicles back on the road. Learn more about our maintenance offering here.

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Manage vehicle uptime and ensure drivers aren't taking unsafe vehicles out on the road.

"Before we had Samsara, we would have to rely on the next driver not taking out a piece of equipment that was marked unsafe. The immediate notification has been a crucial piece when we have an unsafe DVIR that helps us get a jump on it and keep the truck running."


Manager of Fleet Maintenance, Dohrn Transfer Company, LLC

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