Samsara for Site Security

Securely access video data to identify, diagnose, and resolve incidents across your business.

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Centralized visibility

View all 3rd-party and Samsara camera streams in one cloud dashboard

  • Seamless onboarding

    Integrate with existing camera infrastructure and avoid the time consuming and costly process of rip and replacing.

  • Intuitive Management
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Learn how Performance Food Group consolidates 20+ camera vendors

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Secure Video Access

Allow authorized users to access video footage in real-time

  • Granular User Permission

    Define access to specific streams through granular roles and permissions, allowing more stakeholders to view relevant footage.

  • Remote Access
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Consolidates streams from 3 regions into a single dashboard

Simple Device Management

Gain peace of mind knowing your devices are actively recording, online, and updated

  • Ensure 24/7 Recording

    Receive an alert if a device goes offline or stops recording for any reasons to ensure your system is always recording the footage you need.

  • Over-The-Air Update
  • Hardware refresh
Streamlined investigation

Identify, diagnose, and resolve incidents quickly with AI-powered tools

  • Intelligent Search

    Search by motion, people, clothing color, and more to quickly find the footage you need across all camera streams.

  • Proactive Coaching
  • Proactive alerts
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Learn how Food Express reviewed and investigated onsite incidents 83% faster

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Site Security Video

Learn how to gain complete and proactive video security with Site Visibility

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Learn how Site Visibility can support your onsite safety, security, and efficiency goals

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Site Security Whitepaper

Samsara holds data security and privacy to the highest standards.                  

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On-demand Webinar

Hear how 3 customers are increasing site security across all their locations.

Flexible deployment options


Overlay powerful and advanced AI onto 3rd party camera streams, making the most of your existing investment.

high-speed lte cellular modem

Internet connectivity for even the most remote sites, offering visibility into every corner of your organization.


Compliant with the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019. Learn more.

Simple and fast deployment

Installs in <10 minutes to quickly pull in camera streams and gain the visibility you need.

high definition ip cameras

5MP, power over ethernet (PoE) IP cameras in dome and bullet models.

ruggedized for industrial environments

Vandal rated IK10 with protection against 20 joules and weather rated IP67 for water immersion up to 1m.

optimized for enhanced night visibility

IR Illuminators provide up to 50m of night time visibility for after hours security and visibility.


Compliant with the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019. Learn more.

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