Increase operational efficiency with complete visibility into fleet performance and driver behavior

Collect, analyze, and share data for your entire fleet

Easy-to-use reports

With sorting, search, and high-speed loading, quickly navigate our fleet reporting to identify actionable insights.

Insights in your inbox

Receive daily, weekly, or monthly fleet activity reports through text or email with customizable report scheduling.

Real-time alerts

Get notified as soon as conditions change with our wide breadth of email or SMS alerts.

Save money and reduce paperwork

With our Fuel, Idling, and IFTA mileage reports, eliminate time spent on tedious paperwork and identify sources of unnecessary fuel costs. Set up Idling Alerts to get notified when drivers are idling in excess or get Fuel Reports emailed to you each Monday so you can review last week’s fuel activity without leaving your inbox.

Increase driver safety and compliance

Samsara helps keep your drivers on the road with Safety and Hours of Service reports that allow you to quickly identify and coach for safety or compliance violations. Easily customize your alerts to notify you when a driver is speeding or use the HOS report to see if drivers are approaching a compliance violation.

Increase operational efficiency

With Time on Site Reports and Geofence Alerts you’ll get greater visibility into driver behavior and efficiency. Get notified when drivers or assets arrive at a given location with Geofence Alerts and see how much time they spend there with the Time on Site report.

Streamline vehicle and equipment maintenance

Samsara pulls data directly from your vehicle’s diagnostic port to give you visibility into your vehicles and equipment. Get Vehicle Fault Code Alerts, Unsafe DVIR alerts, and Preventative Maintenance Alerts to help you address issues right when they happen.

Ensure product quality

Samsara’s Temperature Report, Humidity Report, and Door Open Alert help you stay FSMA compliant with insight into temperature-sensitive product conditions. Set up alerts to notify you when products go out of temperature range or when your product arrives safely.