Simplify your fleet operations

One unified platform. All your data in real-time.

Get better insights

Hardware and software designed to work together gives you end-to-end visibility and smarter real-time insights. 

Future proof your fleet

A cloud platform that supports customer-driven updates and robust integrations via open API and OEM embedded telematics.

Partner with a single vendor

Reduce TCO with a single vendor that offers best-in-class service for the whole team, from billing to 24/7 customer support.

Bring all your data together in a single dashboard for contextual insights

What is the Samsara data platform?

An integrated, modular technology stack that helps you collect, analyze, and act on your fleet data.

  • Intuitive Software

    Samsara’s web-based dashboard streamlines workflows for every team, with data that is accessible, searchable, filterable, and actionable. Powerful insights about your fleet—from asset utilization to driving behavior to route delay patterns—can be seen in real-time, on any device. Intuitive design means you don’t have to be a data scientist to find the insights you need.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI Dash Cams use embedded artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically detect high-risk incidents, like tailgating or distracted driving, even in instances without a harsh event. In-cab alerts delivered in real-time help drivers immediately adjust risky behavior. Enhanced reporting means customizable safety scores calibrated to your needs and smarter analysis that uncovers trends beyond a single safety event.

  • Automation

    Configurable notifications automatically notify employees of conditions that require attention. Further streamline fleet operations and improve customer communication with intelligent applications that automatically send ETAs to customers, and AI-driven workflows for safety event review. Open APIs enable customization and further automation of complex workflows, as well as integration of third-party applications.

  • Open API + OEM Telematics

    Samsara’s modern extensible platform makes it easy to unlock the power of real-time fleet data and bring it into 3rd party applications, with 30+ turnkey API integrations available on our App Marketplace. 

    Collect richer data from your vehicles by leveraging Samsara’s OEM Telematics solution, bringing data from both embedded telematics devices and aftermarket hardware into one unified platform.

  • Driver + Fleet App

    Easy-to-use Driver App collects real-time data from drivers and gives them the tools they need to simplify HOS compliance, communicate with managers, streamline dispatching decisions, and complete DVIRs faster. 

    Use the Fleet App to stay on top of operations in the field and access real-time information about your assets, vehicles, or workers. You can set up text and email alerts to go straight to your phone, review relevant details right from the app, and respond to incidents wherever you are.

  • Hardware with Sensors

    Plug-and-play hardware securely connects real-time fleet sensor data to the Samsara cloud, including engine diagnostics, GPS location, incident footage, driving behavior, and EV charge. Environmental Monitors, Wireless Cargo Monitors, and Panic Buttons provide a complete picture into a fleet’s operations.

Solutions built for your industry

The all-in-one fleet management solution built to serve the operations that power our economy. 

A platform built for construction

Locate equipment instantly

Manage all your trucks and heavy equipment in one dashboard with real-time GPS, inventory reports, and filtering/tagging by type and team.

Improve profitability

Maximize billable hours and identify underutilized equipment with automatic reports for time-on-site, engine hours, and dormancy.  

Enhance safety

Capture incident footage, detect risky behavior, and exonerate innocent drivers with AI Dash Cams. Create a safety culture with actionable coaching tools.

Reduce downtime

Schedule preventative maintenance based on engine hours, distance, or time. Address issues faster with real-time equipment diagnostics and fault code detection.

A platform built for field services

Delight your customers

Respond to inquiries and keep customers updated with paperless Documents, Live Sharing Links, and Time on Site reports for proof of service.

Boost productivity

Simplify administration of billing, payroll, and document management. Leverage open APIs to sync real-time fleet data and documents with back office systems.

Reduce operating costs

Reduce unplanned maintenance, improve routing efficiency, and reclaim underutilized equipment with real-time alerts and filterable fleet data.

Improve driver safety

Protect employees and your brand by detecting risky driving behavior with AI dash cams. Identify drivers in need of coaching with Safety Reports and Driver Scorecards.

A platform built for transportation & logistics

Streamline ELD compliance

Reduce HOS burden for drivers and administrators with an easy-to-use Driver App and a consolidated compliance dashboard with real-time data as well as historical trends.

Improve driver safety

Protect employees and your brand by detecting risky driving behavior with AI Dash Cams. Identify drivers in need of coaching with Safety Reports and Driver Scorecards.

Enhance customer service

Maximize paid loads with real-time GPS data for dispatch and Live Sharing Links for easy customer communication. Messaging tools and digital document collection provide best-in-class track and trace.

Lower operating costs

Reduce unplanned maintenance, prevent excessive idling and improve trailer utilization with real-time alerts. Save on insurance premiums with AI Dash Cams and driver coaching programs.

A platform built for food & beverage distribution

Delight your customers

Provide proactive customer communication with real-time GPS and Live Sharing Links. Messaging tools and digital document collection provide best-in-class track & trace.

Ensure product quality

Reduce rejected loads with live-to-the-second temperature tracking and real-time alerts when reefers go out of temperature range.

Optimize delivery efficiency

Improve on-time performance and future route efficiency with route analytics, time on site reporting, and trip history data. Open API integrations allow for specialized route importing.

Improve driver safety

Protect employees and your brand by detecting risky driving behavior with AI Dash Cams. Identify drivers in need of coaching with Safety Reports and Driver Scorecards.

A platform built for state and local governments

Deliver citizen services efficiently

Easily respond to inquiries and prove quality of service with real-time location sharing, searchable trip histories and photo proof, power take-off data, and route performance analytics.

Lower operating costs

Reduce unplanned maintenance, prevent excessive idling, and improve equipment utilization with real-time alerts. Open API integrations automatically keep data synced across multiple systems.

Improve safety

Detect risky driving behavior with AI Dash Cams. Identify drivers in need of coaching with Safety Reports and Driver Scorecards, and ensure staff get consistent, personalized coaching with Coaching Workflows.

Reduce waste & enhance sustainability

Implement emission-reduction programs with deeper visibility into fuel usage and idling. Leverage Electrification Reports and a suite of EV management tools to reach your sustainability goals.

A cloud-based platform that connects your business

  • Powerful API Integrations
  • OEM Integrations
  • Bring real-time fleet data from Samsara into your business-critical systems, with 30+ integrations with trusted partners across TMS, maintenance, fuel, supply chain, payroll, and more. Easily implement turnkey integrations or work with Samsara and our implementation experts to build new, out-of-the-box solutions unique to your business.

    Learn more about OEM Integrations with Samsara

  • Unlock the power of your embedded telematics data with Samsara’s OEM Telematics solution. Samsara has built secure integrations with leading manufacturers—such as Ford, John Deere, Caterpillar, and more—to make it easy for fleets to collect rich data from their assets without installing additional hardware.

    Learn more about OEM Integrations with Samsara

Partner with Samsara and our comprehensive platform built for the road ahead

“If it weren’t for Samsara, I’d probably have at least four vendors to cover all the things it’s doing for us. From GPS and temperature monitoring to driver safety, fuel savings, and Hours of Service, it just works.”

Jim Hoss

VP of Operations, Cash-Wa Distributing

All your fleet data in one system

Spend less time searching and cross-referencing data across multiple systems.

Less vendor management

Reduce point solution costs and simplify billing with one central system for fleet management.

Easier training and setup

Save time training drivers and back office staff with one single system.

Faster technical support

Receive high-quality support with one expert team for your entire fleet.

Digitized workflows

Connect all your systems seamlessly.