7 Integrations That Fleets Can Quickly Implement to Start Saving on Fuel Spend

June 27, 2022

Eric Kim
Eric Kim

Product Marketing Manager, Integrations


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The price of fuel continues to break records, averaging almost $5 per gallon. With no sign of fuel prices decreasing any time soon, fleets are leveraging every tool at their disposal to increase efficiency and to reduce fuel costs.

With fuel spend often representing a significant portion of operating costs, optimizing fuel costs is top of mind for commercial fleets. In response, fleets are turning to connected solutions that can be integrated to their current systems for swift implementation and adoption.

At Samsara, we know the importance of connected integration solutions firsthand through our customers. We’re continuing to strengthen the Samsara App Marketplace to deliver smart and innovative solutions together with our partners to help fleets cut fuel costs from multiple angles. We're highlighting seven of our most popular integrations that fleets can activate right away to increase fuel efficiency and lower costs at scale. 

  • <a href="#section-1">Influencing driver behavior to maximize fuel efficiency </a>

  • <a href="#section-2">Maximize fuel utilization with preventative maintenance</a>

  • <a href="#section-3">Improve route planning and navigation to boost fuel efficiency</a>

  • <a href="#section-4">Protect your fleet against fuel fraud</a>

<div id="section-1">Influencing driver behavior to maximize fuel efficiency</div>

Since driving behavior is directly related to fuel economy, the most effective way to reduce fuel waste starts with the driver. According to the EPA, poor driving habits such as speeding, frequent braking, and rapid acceleration can reduce gas mileage by as much as 30% at highway speeds and 40% in stop-and-go traffic. With the price of fuel at record highs, even the smallest changes to driver behavior can have a significant impact on your fleet’s bottom line. 

To help you reduce fuel costs and minimize fuel wasting behaviors, we’re kicking off our list with two integrations that reinforce fuel efficient driving behavior through driver enablement solutions.


Using a combination of driver coaching and fuel usage data can help you improve the MPG of every vehicle in your fleet. Vnomics True Fuel is a proven fuel-saving solution that provides real-time, in-cab driver coaching, automated fuel usage reporting, and a simple performance metric that is easy to understand.

When you integrate Vnomics True Fuel with Samsara, you can sync diagnostic data directly from any vehicle. Now, you can increase efficiency and reduce fuel spend by providing drivers with real-time feedback and delivering between 3-10% improvement in fuel economy immediately after deployment. 

"Terpening Trucking has been using True Fuel for eight years to reduce our fleet fuel spend by improving driver fuel efficiency behavior,” said Brian Brundridge, VP of Operations of Fuel and Dry Bulk at Terpening Trucking Co. “In that time, we saw a significant improvement in our fuel efficiency. As Vnomics and Samsara continue to develop new features in the integrated True Fuel product, we’re afforded the ability to identify even more opportunities to improve our fuel efficiency.”

Learn more about Vnomics in the Samsara App Marketplace

Drivewyze Weigh Station Bypass

Roadside inspections can be a frustrating experience for fleets, hindering operations with route delays and increased costs. To combat this, fleets are increasingly adopting weigh station bypass services. Weigh station bypass programs allow drivers to avoid weigh stations with eligibility based on safety records, emissions compliance, and other factors. 

Drivewyze, a connected truck software company, provides fleets and drivers with solutions designed to eliminate idling time at weigh stations so they can focus on maximizing fuel economy and getting loads to their destinations safely and efficiently.

Using Drivewyze alongside Samsara can have a big impact on fuel economy—one recently onboarded customer reported savings of 1,226 gallons of fuel in a single month, equivalent to $6,743 in fuel spending. In 2021, Drivewyze granted 17 million bypasses across North America, eliminating 69,500 metric tons of CO2— the equivalent of taking 15,000 cars off the road for a year.   

Learn more about the Drivewyze PreClear solution in our App Marketplace. This webinar that takes you behind the scenes to showcase how Drivewyze works on your Samsara in-cab devices. 

<div id="section-2">Maximize fuel utilization with preventative maintenance</div>

Fleet vehicle health is not only critical for minimizing downtime but can also have huge implications on the fuel economy. Fleets that have to rely on reactive maintenance and irregular servicing are open to risks of unexpected downtime and inefficient fuel usage that can be detrimental to their entire operations. 

Conversely, by applying a robust, preventive maintenance plan, fleets can ensure they get the most out of their vehicles to maximize utilization while preventing subtle losses in fuel efficiency. According to the EPA, fixing a serious maintenance problem can improve fuel economy by as much as 40%. 

Whip Around

Proactive fleet maintenance is a necessary but cumbersome process that can demand constant attention. Whip Around makes it easy to stay on top of fleet servicing to maintain efficient fuel economy across your fleet while cutting down on fuel waste. 

Whip Around is a powerful, yet easy-to-use fleet maintenance platform for your drivers, mechanics and fleet management teams. It provides you with a holistic view of your fleet’s maintenance and compliance requirements, leading to significant improvements in uptime, efficiency and safety. 

Integrated with Samsara, fleets gain access to comprehensive vehicle diagnostics for preventative maintenance and synced inspection reports to create work orders directly from Whip Around. 

"I get the idling time, telemetry and fault codes from Samsara and provide information to our 3rd party maintenance vendors through reports in Whip Around,” said Scott Ireland, Safety and Compliance Manager at Sail Energy. "This expedites preventative maintenance which helps manage downtime. The ability to always know which vehicles are in repair and which are driving unsafely on the road has a direct effect on reducing costs of our fleets, improving service to our customers through reduced breakdowns, improved vehicle economy, and most importantly, giving our drivers safe vehicles to work with." 

Learn more about Whip Around in our App Marketplace.

Advantage PressurePro

Neglected tires can be dangerous: tire blowouts, flats, and worn treads can lead to accidents on the road. But did you know that improperly maintained tires can also lower fuel economy? Underinflated tires have increased rolling resistance, requiring vehicles to burn more fuel to keep the tire moving. According to the Department of Energy, properly inflated tires can improve a vehicle’s fuel economy by 3%.

PressurePro is a leader in tire performance management, arming fleets and drivers with innovative, trusted Tire Performance Management options that add safety and savings to operations. 

PressurePro, integrated with Samsara, provides customers with real-data to identify and correct tire issues for trailers and vehicles before they become costly, dangerous, and become a factor of unnecessary fuel waste.

Learn more about PressurePro in our App Marketplace.

<div id="section-3">Improve route planning and navigation to boost fuel efficiency</div>

It can be frustrating when the cause of fuel waste is out of your control. A fleet or operations manager could be doing all the right things: keeping idling in check, curtailing aggressive driving, creating preventative maintenance plans. But sometimes, it’s the routes and roads themselves that throw a wrench into your fuel efficiency plans. 

Careful route planning and intelligent navigation are fundamental to efficient operations and managing fuel spend. Seamless deployment of smart, intuitive route planning and navigation tools designed for trucking can deliver immediate results to a fleets’ fuel economy.  

Trimble Maps - CoPilotTrimble Maps - Appian

Trimble Maps offers a suite of technology solutions that provide commercial navigation, fleet routing, and scheduling capabilities. These solutions help fleets plan and navigate the most efficient routes, so that they can avoid obstacles that result in unnecessary idling, fuel wasting detours, or longer routes. 

Drivers can launch CoPilot navigation directly through the Samsara Driver App for commercial vehicle-specific, turn-by-turn guidance. Coupled with the Appian integration, fleet managers can easily plan, schedule, and dispatch routes to the Samsara Cloud, allowing drivers to view their routes directly on their mobile devices.

“As rising fuel costs continue to impact the industry, it’s important to work with our partners, like Samsara, to ensure customers across the country have the proper tools they need to combat fuel costs,” said Dwayne Lazarre, Director of Strategic Accounts at Trimble Maps. “Our tools help keep drivers and fleets knowledgeable, proactive, and ultimately smarter and safer - resulting in less miles driven, and more efficient routes planned.” 

Learn more about CoPilot and Appian in our App Marketplace.


Sygic Professional Navigation guides drivers efficiently and safely to their destinations, choosing only the routes compliant with their vehicle, eliminating unnecessary obstacles in their journey such as low bridges and narrow streets. 

When paired with the Samsara Driver App, Sygic empowers drivers in their daily workflow to be safer and more efficient while avoiding fuel-wasting delays. “Innovative strength and performance were the key reasons for us to enter a long-term partnership with Samsara and Sygic,” said Jörn Dräger, Manager Project Engineering & Digitalisation at Rein Spedition. “The possibilities are manifold - they relieve the environment, our employees and make the roads safer.” 

Learn more about Sygic in our App Marketplace.

<div id="section-4">Protect your fleet against fuel fraud</div>

Spikes in fuel theft and fuel fraud are on the rise. And with fuel factoring for a sizable chunk of operational overhead for many fleets, monitoring fuel purchases and preventing fuel theft is more critical than ever before.

Using fuel cards can be a great way to combat misuse and theft at fueling stations. By better managing fuel purchases through suspicious activity alerts and strict verification processes, fleets can automate fuel purchase monitoring and mitigate the risk of fuel fraud.


FLEETCOR simplifies fuel expense management and mitigates risks of fuel fraud with cost controls, alerts, reporting and tracking, and compliance tools, eliminating the  headache of monitoring fuel purchases in an automated and seamless way. 

Deploying the two-way integration between Samsara and FLEETCOR’s Enhanced Authorization Controls* allows fuel purchase transactions to be automatically verified, flagged for suspicious activity, or declined through customizable preferences. 

*The integration of a fuel card with a telematics solution cannot predict or prevent all fraudulent transactions. Enhanced Authorization Controls only work when integrated with a Samsara telematics solution and when necessary data is available. These controls are only available when a qualified FLEETCOR fuel card is selected. Proximity features, including alerts and authorizations, are available only on FLEETCOR fuel cards carrying the COMDATA® or Mastercard® brand.

Learn more about Fleetcor in our App Marketplace.

Dedicated to helping you increase fleet fuel efficiency 

Whether you’re operating a fleet of 10 or 10,000 vehicles, managing fuel consumption and reducing fuel costs is a multi-faceted process. Samsara works together with innovative and strategic technology partners to provide intuitive, and easy-to-use solutions and help fleets tackle rising fuel costs from all angles without disrupting ongoing operations. 

Discover fuel-saving partners like these in our App Marketplace. To learn more about how the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud can increase fuel efficiency across your fleet and lower costs, reach out for a free trial

Interested in partnering with Samsara to discover new opportunities and provide innovative solutions for your customers? Apply to be a partner today. 


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