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<span style="color: #333;">At Goodfellow Bros., people come first. By leveraging smarter fleet technology, Goodfellow Bros. is able to help their employees, partners, and communities thrive.</span>

Whether it’s cleaning up after a natural disaster or constructing a new bridge, Goodfellow Bros. prides themselves on completing their jobs on time and with precision. By gaining visibility into their operations with real-time GPS tracking, Goodfellow Bros. was able to improve their routing efficiency, decrease their haul times, and ultimately increase revenue by 10%.

increase in revenue

decrease in load haul times

decrease in billable hours

Goodfellow Bros.’ keys to success

Using real-time GPS to increase visibility

Given the complexity and urgency of many of their jobs, Goodfellow Bros. needed a way to increase visibility into their operations and improve their routing efficiency. On any given day, Goodfellow Bros. manages hundreds of vehicles across eight different regions, sometimes working with several partners as well as city and state officials. With real-time GPS through Samsara, the Goodfellow Bros. team is able to see all of their vehicles in one consolidated dashboard.

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Using more efficient routing to reduce rejected loads

As a heavy-civil construction contractor, Goodfellow Bros. is often working under tight deadlines with several different stakeholders. Because of this, performance and efficiency is crucial. With visibility into delays and potential hazards on the road, Goodfellow Bros. was able to use Samsara’s routing and dispatch tools to evaluate more efficient routes for their vehicles and avoid slowdowns. Thanks to smarter routing, Goodfellow Bros. was able to decrease load haul times by 40%, which helped reduce their fuel costs and exceed customer expectations.

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Improving billing with geofences and accurate data

With contractors and drivers making multiple trips per day, six days a week, across dozens of sites, keeping track of hours and loads is a challenge. To solve for this, Goodfellow Bros. set up geofences for key addresses related to their projects—from dump sites to the clean up sites. With Samsara Geofences and GPS tracking, Goodfellow Bros. was able to keep an accurate account of their hours and locations and track which trucks were delivering which loads when, leading to a 20% decrease in billable hours.

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