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Locate Assets and Equipment Instantly


Loved and Trusted by over 20,000 fleets

Gain Visibility of Your Assets

In just a few clicks on the Samsara dashboard, you’ll get access to location data for all of your assets. Search for assets by name, type, or location to quickly see your entire asset inventory.

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Protect Valuable Equipment

Detect theft and unauthorized use, open doors, and unloaded cargo with real-time alerts.

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Maximize Asset Utilization

Identify idle and heavily used assets with automated dormancy and utilization reports. Grow your business by redeploying underutilized assets to areas with higher demand.

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Image of minimizing equipment downtime

Minimize Equipment Downtime

Track usage and engine hours to schedule maintenance based on wear and tear. Receive fault codes instantly to prevent breakdowns and keep assets functioning at peak performance.

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Improve Job Costing and Billing

Create more accurate quotes and billing by tracking engine runtime, time-on-site, and power takeoff, and manage long-term rentals with regular location tracking.

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