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An All-In-One Fleet Maintenance Platform That Can Scale

Prevent HOS Violations, Drivers Log Hours in Mobile App


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Streamline the Maintenance Process

Prevent compliance errors and speed up repairs with paperless DVIRs and a real-time maintenance dashboard.

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track route progress in real time

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Catch Problems Early

Get instant alerts for idling, speeding, engine faults, and battery level to keep your fleet safe and running.

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Reduce Paperwork and Ensure Compliance

Real-time visibility into driver HOS violations and missing logs keeps team members on the same page about compliance, without unnecessary paperwork.

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Respond rapidly to changing conditions

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Minimize Equipment Downtime

Track usage and engine hours to schedule maintenance based on wear and tear. Receive fault codes instantly to prevent breakdowns and keep assets functioning at peak performance.

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Install Your Hardware in Minutes

Plug and play installation with zero-configuration allows you to get set up in 15 minutes. Samsara's hardware works with any vehicle, including cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, and more.

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Install your hardware in minutes