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Manage Fleet Safety with an All-In-One Solution

One Platform for Your Fleet Operations


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Improve Visibility into Your Fleet

View live vehicle location, traffic conditions, and distance from job sites. Keep your fleet safe with connected dash cams that automatically upload footage of harsh driving incidents.

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Automatically Detect Distracted Driving

AI-powered reports review and flag distracted driving incidents, addressing one of the leading causes of preventable accidents.

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Identify and Coach At-Risk Drivers

In-cab voice coaching and driver safety scores make it easy to provide personalized feedback and coaching.

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Expedite Insurance Payouts

Defend innocent drivers and accelerate the insurance claims process with high definition video evidence.

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Retrieve Footage for Greater Insight into Fleet Safety

Ever had a complaint come in about your fleet? On-demand retrieval allows you to pull up video footage to verify what happened and if your vehicles were even there.

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Install your hardware in minutes

Install Your Hardware in Minutes

Plug and play installation with zero-configuration allows you to get set up in 15 minutes. Samsara's hardware works with any vehicle, including cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, and more.

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