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Site Visibility

Intelligent Security for Industrial Operations

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Setup in minutes. No training necessary.

Samsara Site Visibility integrates with existing security cameras for easy installation. Plug in the Site Gateway to your network and set up the cloud VMS in under 10 minutes. In a few clicks, detect and add existing IP camera streams into the Samsara Dashboard. Use these streams to create custom views, share footage, and gain on-the-go visibility from your phone.

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Hardware + Software + Cloud

Our hybrid-cloud architecture revolutionizes traditional video monitoring, combining on-the-go visibility with a powerful on-premise gateway and ruggedized, high-definition cameras. If you’ve got your own cameras, we can integrate with those too.

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Security camera access from anywhere

Everything you’d want from a security camera system, plus secure and granular user access from any web browser or from the mobile application.

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site security

Designed for industrial operations

Immediately respond to unusual activity (such as a theft) and reduce the time spent investigating.

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Catch & prevent incidents in the moment

Be immediately notified of unusual or unsafe activity through intelligent detection and alerting—no need to actively monitor your security cameras.

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Find evidence easily when you need it

Intuitive timeline navigation and enhanced search features streamline incident investigation, such as a theft or a worker injury.

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