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Easily Monitor and Track Your Assets

Quick Install, Anti Theft Protection

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AG45: Small Tracker, Big ROI

Our smallest tracker yet, the AG45 Unpowered Asset Tracker is designed for durability with a waterproof shell, anti-theft screws, and a 5 year replaceable battery. Every device is built to go everywhere and track anything.

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Gain Visibility of Your Assets

In just a few clicks on the Samsara dashboard, you’ll get access to location data for all of your assets. Search for assets by name, type, or location to quickly see your entire asset inventory.

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Protect Valuable Assets

With the ability to set custom geofences, you can rest easy knowing that your assets are exactly where they’re supposed to be—and get notified if they aren’t with geofence alerts.

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Data that drives ROI

The Samsara Dormancy Report gives you visibility into when your assets were last used to help you improve asset utilization. Whether that means renting out equipment that is underutilized or selling unused equipment, you’ll have the right data at your fingertips to help you make those decisions.

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