Building trust: JJX Logistics Head of Security & Fleet Compliance reveals how technology is vital for this specialist haulier

March 18, 2024

Edward Martin

Head of Security & Fleet Compliance at JJX Logistics


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JJX Solutions is a UK-based service-driven logistics firm with an unswerving commitment to speed, reliability, and security. Based in the West Midlands, it delivers across the UK as well as western and central Europe.

With up to 70% of the items it transports and stores deemed to be ‘dangerous’  —  anything from commercial lithium batteries to flammable liquids —  it is a specialist haulage business operating in a high-pressure environment where security and compliance are paramount.

Here, Edward Martin, Head of Security & Fleet Compliance at JJX Logistics, explains the challenges of running such a niche operation and the importance of installing a connected operations platform across the fleet.


We’re not your average middle-of-the-road logistics firm. We’re not about moving items from A to B in bulk, as fast or as cheaply as possible. Instead, we advise our customers and come up with solutions that meet their transport needs while complying with stringent regulations.

For instance, safely shipping dangerous goods — such as corrosive liquids, toxic substances, or radioactive material used in diagnostic imaging and cancer treatments, for example — is one of the things that makes us unique. 

So too does transporting fireworks — or explosives for industrial use, for example — which requires utmost precaution and adherence to strict safety measures. It needs specialised knowledge, rigorous training, and extensive planning. That’s why our customers come to us and why they keep returning. 

But transporting dangerous items is only part of our work. Some of the goods we transport are high value. For instance, a single pallet of vintage wines transported from a chateau in Bordeaux may be worth upwards of £1m. Making sure it gets from A to B safely, securely — and in one piece — is vital. 

For me, it’s jobs like this that set us apart from the competition. Which is why as part of our commitment to our customers, we are focused on investing in specially qualified drivers and secure vehicles fitted with real-time tracking and monitoring. 

Specialist consignments require specialist logistics operators 

We first trialled Samsara technology in May 2021. Since then, we’ve fitted it to the entire fleet of 58 vehicles and trailers — hard-bodied, soft-sided and temperature-regulated trailers; Sprinter vans; and articulated trucks — all operating from our base at Kingswinford in the West Midlands.

From greater fuel efficiency to improved driver awareness and performance scores, the business is already reaping the rewards of Samsara’s dual-facing cameras and AI-driven Vehicle Gateways.

Operationally, Samsara’s technology does a fantastic job and helps to highlight the quality of service we provide. 

Regardless of what we transport, though, one thing that links all our customers and their consignments is security and the assurance we can provide to ensure their loads are safe with us.

It’s a major aspect of compliance, whether we’re moving or storing goods. And part of that is the visibility of goods wherever and whenever as part of a real-time monitoring solution. 

Security, real-time monitoring and visibility key to JJX’s customer service

This is increasingly important for us as we gear up to complete our next mission providing our top-quality service in high-value goods markets thanks to our latest Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) Level 1 certification from the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA), the leading global standard for transit security.

TAPA are one of several trade and certification bodies that counts JJX as a member, and the business is already benefitting from high-grade security across vehicle tracking, CCTV, its facilities and more.

In most cases, for the safety and security of both the driver and the cargo, we need 100% vehicle coverage from our tracking system. We’ve been able to maximise this by linking Vehicle Gateways and vehicle cameras with Samsara’s Camera Connector tool which is simple to use and enables us to see all around the vehicle in one grid view.

The availability of secure tracking means we’re known as a very secure operation and that’s helping to grow our customer base.

For me, trustworthiness, reliability and customer service remain at the heart of JJX Logistics, just as those values were the pillars on which the company was founded 27 years ago. Our mission is to handle each customer request with care — whether that’s storing goods in our 175,000-square-foot excise-approved warehouse or while vehicles are out on the road.

When it comes to safety and security, no stone is left unturned. The business views every customer engagement as a partnership. The real-time tracking, transparency and efficiency of our connected operations platform form a part of our credibility as a business.


In March 2024, JJX Logistics won the Excellence in Fleet Safety & Compliance award at the 2024 Fleet News Awards, recognising its unwavering commitment to the safety, regulatory compliance and security of its supply chain solutions. JJX was also awarded the Highly Commended plaque by the judges for Fleet of the Year (Up to 250 vehicles).

JJX Fleet News Awards

Announcing the award, Mark Cartwright, Head of Commercial Vehicle Incident Prevention at the National Highways, which sponsored the category said: “JJX has an excellent tailored approach to its training which includes coaching its drivers to success. 

“Despite being a small fleet, it has a complex mix of vans and trucks and displays excellent use of data and reporting to ensure compliance and continual improvement. 

“In a modern world where wellbeing is key, JJX is putting the driver at the heart of everything it does. It is setting the safety benchmark.” 


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