Samsara’s Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

January 10, 2022

Adam Eltoukhy

General Counsel


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At Samsara, we are committed to building a more sustainable future. As the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, we are in a unique position to do just that. Our products are built for customers in the world of physical operations – those in the transportation, field services, construction, and logistics industries to name a few. The industrial and transportation sectors alone account for roughly 71% of energy consumption in the US, and transportation is the largest single source of greenhouse gases generated in the US, representing 29% of total emissions. Partnering with our customers to improve this figure by even just 1% will have an outsized impact for all. We’re already seeing early indications of this with our customers citing Samsara as a key partner in helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

At the recent COP26 Summit in Glasgow, world leaders acknowledged that rising global CO2 levels are leading us towards a climate crisis that we must collectively combat. Businesses will play a critical role in that fight. As a company that has always had sustainability built into our DNA, we recognize this urgency and remain committed to sustainability initiatives. For us, that starts with ensuring that all businesses in the world of physical operations have direct transparency into the sustainability metrics that impact their carbon footprints and how to better control them. Many Samsara customers, for example, already use our Connected Operations Cloud to help transition their fleets to electric, and provide the data insights they need to minimize fuel usage and track progress against their sustainability goals.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the reduction of our own environmental impact as well. We are committed to staying carbon neutral. This means that, since 2019 and going forward, for every ton of carbon we emit and track as a business—from keeping the lights on at our San Francisco headquarters to shipping our hardware—we’ll offset it by taking a ton of carbon out of the atmosphere through investments in high-impact, certified carbon offset and removal solutions in the voluntary carbon markets. With that in mind, we are excited to share an update on some actions Samsara has taken in the past year to reduce our footprint.

Investing in carbon reduction

To lean into our commitment of carbon neutrality, we’ve recently invested in a few innovative carbon offsets and removal projects through our third party climate partners, including Watershed, 3Degrees, and Charm Industrial:

  • Transformer Oil Recycling: Once it loses performance, used transformer oil is typically incinerated, which produces harmful emissions. This project involves oil collection onsite and transportation to a processing facility, where it’s refined to be used again. This investment helps cut back on emissions that would otherwise occur from incineration and reduces the need for virgin crude oil.

  • Refrigerant Destruction: Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) can hold nearly 11,000 times the heat of carbon dioxide, making them incredibly potent greenhouse gases. Though now banned globally, CFCs remain in stockpiles of old refrigerants. This project involves the location, collection, and safe destruction of these refrigerants, preventing harmful leakage into the atmosphere.

  • Biomass Carbon Sequestration: Charm Industrial’s technology converts plant-based agricultural waste into a carbon-rich liquid. It is injected into EPA-regulated injection wells, where it sinks and solidifies in place for permanent storage. 

Our ongoing commitment to sustainability

While we’re excited about our investments in these projects, they represent initial steps in a long-term journey for us. By partnering with our customers, building sustainability into the core of our Connected Operations Cloud, and continuing to raise the bar on our own sustainability goals, we have an incredible opportunity to build a better, brighter future for all of our stakeholders. Our ongoing commitment to sustainability helps to ensure that our customers can rely on a carbon neutral Connected Operations Cloud to help better meet their own sustainability goals. We will be releasing our first annual ESG report in the coming months where we will report on our progress, highlight some customer sustainability wins, and set new sustainability goals for Samsara to be accountable to. We look forward to updating you soon.


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