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Champion Driver Safety with Video Telematics Fit for Your Fleet

December 6, 2022

Jonathan Ramsey
Jonathan Ramsey

Product & Customer Marketing Manager


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Professional drivers are the heroes of the modern world. As the backbone of the global economy, fleets deserve wider support to make journeys safer and deliver greater efficiency. At Samsara, we understand the importance of creating a safe environment for your drivers, and our dash cams are the sidekicks they need to stay safe on the road. Here’s what Samsara can do to keep your fleet safe.

Safety starts with transparency.

Changing how you keep your fleet safe starts with ensuring your drivers are comfortable. 70% of employees feel most engaged when senior leadership speaks openly about implementing new processes. When the award-winning Dohrn Transfer Company first introduced Samsara dash cams, they created a private YouTube tutorial for their fleets, explaining how our technology worked and what it meant for their drivers’ daily routines. 

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Before installing dash cams, explain to your drivers how the system operates, when and why the system records, and how you intend to use any footage. It’s important to remind drivers that dash cams will only store data on critical events. 

You don’t need dash cams to be on all the time, either. Give your driver's camera covers they can use while resting, so they have peace of mind, making them more willing to adopt them as part of the cab set-up. 

Coach proactively.

By combining an onboard monitoring system with driver coaching, you can evaluate driver performance and identify opportunities to support them further with additional training. Our advanced-AI dash cams have optional in-cab alerts to warn drivers of any risk—like speeding or harsh braking—so they can employ safer on-the-road habits. 

Introducing safety managers and coaching to your drivers gives your fleet a better chance to streamline safety protocols. So even your most veteran drivers can adapt easily to safety guidelines. Sprint Waste Services has done this by using our video-based coaching workflows for consistent on-the-job training.

Of course, it’s important to use insights to provide feedback related to good driving. Giving your drivers real-time, positive feedback encourages higher performance leading to better driver retention. And with today’s shortage of delivery drivers, that’s a win. You can reward your safest drivers with incentives to promote high safety scores and a wider awareness for correct protocols. Our mobile Driver App encourages safer driving by allowing them to check their safety ranking against peers. The statistics speak for themselves.

Simco Logistics uses Samsara dash cams alongside coaching programs for over 150 drivers. And by using dash cam footage to train their drivers, Simco has cut accidents—and related costs—in half.

The driver’s advocate.

According to a report by Frost and Sullivan, driver distraction accounts for 71% of commercial vehicle crashes. Every year, dash cams prevent nearly 3,600 driver injuries. With our advanced-AI dash cams, you can reward your drivers for safe driving and give real-life examples of near-misses to encourage more on-road awareness. 

But if an accident does happen, dash cams can clear drivers from potential blame where there isn’t any. When Dohrn faced potential legal action for three different incidents, Samsara dash cams helped to exonerate their drivers. Using dash cams to advocate for drivers also helps resume vehicle operation faster—in as little as 90 minutes from the time of an incident. Fleets with effective driver safety programs can see a 50% decrease in insurance premiums. 

Your fleet can’t run without your drivers. Keep them safe. With advanced-AI dash cams from Samsara. 


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