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Charting a Course for Success with Samsara's ADR Team

February 22, 2024

Ana Herwitz

Director, ADR


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Are you contemplating a dynamic career in technology sales? A first step or ‘apprenticeship’ into the sales career path – and a vital link in the sales process – is the Account Development Representative (ADR) programme. Whether you're familiar with the ADR role — or just exploring your options in the tech sales arena —  you're in the right place.

Our ADR programme is designed to nurture your innate talents and accelerate your career trajectory in the tech industry. Here, your professional journey is not just a job — it's a carefully planned path of continuous development and achievement.

As an inbound ADR, you'll find yourself in engaging conversations with warmer prospects who are already versed in the value that cutting-edge technology, like ours, can bring to their businesses. This role serves as an excellent entry point into sales at Samsara.

When you're ready to take on more challenges, you'll advance to the Outbound ADR role. This position hones your skills further, requiring strategic outreach to unearth new business opportunities and extend Samsara's impact across the EMEA region. Here, you'll engage with prospects who might not yet be considering a purchase but can greatly benefit from understanding how our technology can elevate their market competitiveness.

For those who excel, a Senior ADR role awaits, which not only brings higher rewards but also edges you closer to significant career progression. In this role, you'll gain foundational training in the Account Executive (AE) position, have the chance to interview for open AE roles, and develop leadership skills by mentoring new team members with your accrued experience.

In each stage of your journey within the ADR team at Samsara, you'll discover greater financial benefits and learning opportunities, aligning with our commitment to your growth and success.

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Hear firsthand accounts from both past and present ADRs at Samsara, sharing their personal journeys and experiences in the role.

ADR Pathways

Inbound ADR

As an Inbound Representative, you'll focus on handling inbound leads. You'll engage in a high volume of conversations, explaining the details of our products and building relationships with prospects interested in Samsara. At this stage, you'll receive extensive product training and 1-on-1 coaching to enhance your conversational and closing skills. You'll learn techniques to effectively convey Samsara's value proposition, overcome objections, and close deals. Our aim is to transform you into a master of conversation, capable of generating interest and driving action in your accounts.

After a minimum of six months, subject to good performance scores, you'll typically be eligible for promotion to the next level within our programme.

Outbound ADR

At the next level of our program, you'll focus on top-of-funnel activities, creating high-quality sales engagements to support our Account Executives in the Mid-Market and Enterprise segments. This stage marks your transition to outbound work. You'll have ongoing opportunities for learning, as well as collaboration and communication with Account Executives. You'll learn how to tailor your messaging to different buyer personas and conduct research on accounts and contacts to thoroughly understand their business goals and how these align with our value proposition. Additionally, you'll be trained in diversifying your outreach through various communication channels.

After a minimum of twelve months and maintaining good performance scores, you'll typically be eligible for promotion to the subsequent level within our programme.

Senior Outbound ADR

As a Senior Outbound ADR at Samsara, you'll work closely with Account Executives and Enterprise Regional Sales Managers. In this role, you'll play a pivotal part in managing large accounts, developing comprehensive territory plans, participating in weekly strategy meetings, and scheduling and attending customer demos. Additionally, you'll contribute to a coaching program aimed at supporting the growth and development of junior team members.

After fifteen months in the Outbound and Senior Outbound levels, you will progress to the ADR-AE training programme. While the next logical step is a role as an Account Executive, you'll also find numerous exciting opportunities within our company, such as careers in Customer Success or Partnerships.

A Culture That Celebrates Success

Our ADRs are the lifeblood of our EMEA operations, and their consistent performance as top sellers is a reflection of our empowering culture. Being a UK and US Great Place to Work® certified organisation isn't a badge we wear lightly. It's a promise of an environment that champions your growth through robust support, collaboration, and continuous learning.

In Samsara’s commitment to your growth, we offer tailored coaching and learning opportunities designed to enhance your sales acumen and tech industry knowledge. We're dedicated to providing you with the essential support you need for success in your role as an ADR. This goes beyond just having the right systems and tools. It includes hands-on coaching and real-time feedback. Our managers will work closely with you, sharing their expertise and assisting in your development. While we expect a good deal of initiative and proactivity on your part, if you're motivated and committed to hard work, your potential for success is limitless.

As we gear up for FY25, our vision is clear – expand our ADR team with the brightest and best individuals, ready to lead in the tech sales arena. We are searching for those who not only seek a job but a career that will fulfil them and help them realise their long term ambitions. We are not looking for cold callers, but rather the future leaders of Samsara.

Join Samsara and launch your career

If you are looking for a role to challenge yourself, grow quickly in your sales skills, learn from high-calibre professionals, and have access to accelerated career development, consider joining Samsara’s ADR team. As Samsara grows and our product assortment expands, the opportunities for upward mobility are endless. Check out the opportunities to join our EMEA ADR team and apply today.

To find out more about the latest job opportunities available in Samsara's ADR team, visit our Careers Page.  


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