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How Samsara Interns are Making Real-World Impact

September 5, 2023


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This summer, 34 interns joined Samsara on our Engineering, Legal, Support, Sales Engineering, Research, Data Science, and Design teams. Our interns were able to make a real-world impact—taking on projects that help reduce fuel emissions, increase safety for our customers, and make processes more efficient—all while learning new skills, meeting with Samsara leaders, and bonding with their teams and fellow interns.

Samsara’s Summer Internship Program.

Samsara plans a jam-packed summer for our interns to learn new skills, network with professionals, connect with other students, and advance their careers.

Onboarding: During the first week, our interns—who are working across our office locations—are introduced to the world of Samsara. Their onboarding involves meeting their managers, mentors, and teams, connecting with the rest of the intern class through bonding activities, and kicking off the summer at our regional Intern Welcome events.

Training: In addition to Core Onboarding, interns participate in department-specific onboarding and trainings led by their mentors and teammates to hone in on their technical skills and bring them up to speed on team processes. In addition, Samsara provides multiple soft skill trainings throughout the summer, including: Piloting Your Career Growth, Storytelling & Presenting, Managing Unconscious Bias, and Destigmatizing Mental Health.

Mentorship: All interns have a manager and mentor on their immediate team and a peer mentor within their department. These relationships are designed to guide our interns through their summer, provide training on their specific roles and responsibilities, share feedback on their work, give career advice, and help them build connections within the company.

Events & Experiences: Our program provides opportunities throughout the summer for interns to connect and learn. These experiences increase understanding of Samsara’s business model, provide learning and professional development opportunities, build strong relationships and comradery within the intern class, and are fun. These events included professional skills workshops, a leadership speaker series, group volunteer events, an Employee Resource Group fair, boba Wednesdays, a baseball game, happy hours, and more.

Final projects: At the end of the summer, interns showcase their final projects and successes to their managers, mentors, fellow interns, and leadership. These projects range from customer-facing product features to internal process updates that help with our operational efficiency. This is a great way to cap off the summer, share the impact our interns have made, and celebrate their growth and successes.

Samsara 2023 summer interns

Kickstart your career with us.

Hear from a few of our recent interns on why they chose to join Samsara for their internship, what they learned this summer, and the impact they made:

I chose to join Samsara this summer because the scale of the company was perfect for me: small enough for interns to do useful, essential work, but large enough to have a great support network and plenty of opportunities to learn from experts in my field. 

Jack Irish, Engineering Intern

The most valuable thing I have learned from my internship is "there is no I in team." The people on my team are always willing to help each other out, whether it be personal projects or collaboration on a larger team initiative. My whole team is kept up to date on ongoing efforts, and everyone is encouraged to share suggestions and new ideas. Every single team member is necessary to achieve our overall mission of increasing the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the global economy.

Nataly Garcia, Technical Support Engineering Intern

I was on the Smart Trailers and Connected Equipment team this summer, which is one of the most product-facing teams in Samsara’s Engineering department. The purpose of my internship project directly derives from Samsara’s customers’ needs, and I think that it’s awesome how I am working on a project with definite, real-world impacts. By the end of the internship, my code will directly help customers manage their business and reduce compliance violation risks.

Jeffrey Mun, Engineering Intern

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Read more from Samsara leaders on the value our interns bring to the company:

Our interns this summer have been outstanding and worked on some key initiatives with very high visibility. For my young and growing team, this was a great opportunity to see new talent and an opportunity for my senior engineers to mentor. Samsara is a young company with a great culture, technology, and growth opportunity for bright young talent. 

Vaishali Gandhi, Sr. Director - Business Technology Data Engineering

Interns are important to our Engineering team. During their summer with us, interns at Samsara ramp up quickly, tackling hard tech challenges while learning how to operate within our scaling engineering team. They help us build product features, designing unique solutions to tough customer problems. These folks have a direct impact on improving the customer experience!

 Rick Carragher, SVP - Engineering

Samsara interns embody our company value “adopt a growth mindset” — they come in with fresh perspectives, an eagerness to learn, and a passion for customer success. We invest in emerging talent to build future engineers and leaders of the IoT space who will help further our mission to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the global economy. 

Jeff Hausman, Chief Product Officer

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