Introducing: Reefer Temperature Reports

October 11, 2018

Today, Samsara is excited to announce our latest reefer features, which make it easier than ever to guarantee and verify product integrity. For companies that transport temperature-sensitive goods, strict adherence to precise temperature controls is crucial for ensuring product quality. Being able to later provide evidence of historical temperature is often essential for satisfying both customer demands and FSMA compliance. Our Reefer Temperature Report offers our customers greater visibility into their product conditions and an ability to better report those conditions.

Our latest features allow you to:

  • Gain Better Cold Chain Visibility with our all new Reefer Temperature Report. This report lets you see all of your reefer data at a glance to spot problems, double-click for a more detailed view, and intervene quickly. New metrics, including discharge temperature, ambient air temperature, and reefer setting, give you even richer context of conditions.

  • Reduce Rejected Load Claims with detailed historical temperature records of all reefers. Provide customers with a single report showing minute-by-minute breakdowns of all temperature and sensor data points to prove product transport conditions.

  • Remotely Set Reefer Mode to simplify your operations and protect cold chain integrity with ease. Seamlessly toggle between start/stop and continuous modes.

  • Bolster FSMA Compliance and automate recordkeeping with comprehensive and visual reports available as pdf or csv downloads.

Gain Better Cold Chain Visibility

You can now view the temperature conditions of your entire fleet within a single Reefer Temperature Report. We’ve also expanded our temperature logging capabilities, providing your team — and your customers — with an even more robust picture of conditions inside your trailers. You can now track discharge air, ambient air, and reefer mode alongside set point and return air, making it even easier to identify, investigate, and resolve cold chain abnormalities.

Maines Paper & Food Services, one of the largest US foodservice distributors, is dedicated to delivering exceptional products throughout the Northeast. Philip Deckers, Director of Operations Initiatives & Analytics at Maines Paper & Food Services, uses the Reefer Temperature Report to combat human error. “I now have the ability to look across my fleet and see what my set points are to make sure they’re correct," explained Deckers. "If I see one that’s off, I can immediately fix it right from the dashboard.”

This new feature is an extension of Samsara’s commitment to giving our customers live visibility into their operations. According to Decker, "The benefit of Samsara is getting data fast. We know what conditions are like right now, not what it was like 15 or 30 or 60 minutes ago."

Reduce Rejected Load Claims

Combat customer concerns over product quality with definitive evidence of temperature control. Show breakdowns of set point, ambient air, return air, discharge air, and reefer mode for any selected time period.

When you overlay this information with sensor data from environmental monitors, door monitors, and cargo monitors, you gain an even deeper understanding of conditions. According to Deckers, these new features make it easier to combat concerns over product integrity. “I’m most excited about the ability to prove the disposition of our product in a hard copy, easy to read format,” he said. “I can now hand customers a single document with minute by minute evidence that these were the conditions of the trailer in question.”

Remotely Set Reefer Mode

We’ve added new ways to make adjustments to your reefers, right from your dashboard. Reefer mode can now be set or changed with a click, along with set point and status.

Bolster FSMA Compliance

Reefer Temperature Reports are downloadable, making it even simpler to comply with the FSMA requirements for historical temperature monitoring and reporting. Downloads are available both as a polished PDF or as a CSV for easy data analysis. Reports are configurable, allowing for multiple layers of granularity: simply select the vehicle, dates, time increments, and sensor data you need, and export. All downloads include both the dashboard visualization and row by row time breakdowns, making them more digestible for FSMA compliance officers and quality inspectors alike.

The Reefer Temperature Report builds on Samsara’s complete platform for Food & Beverage fleets, providing end-to-end visibility and ensuring product quality. If you are not yet a Samsara customer and would like to learn more, schedule a free demo!

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