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Dinges Logistics and Samsara: 42% reduction of accident rates in one year

"The most important message we want to get across is that our drivers are the heart of our company and the key to our success. Without good and attentive drivers, everything in the company would only work half as well. Together with Samsara, we can ensure their safety."

Daniel Hirschinger, Fleet Manager at Dinges Logistics

Standout benefits:

  • 42 % decrease of self-inflicted accidents: In 2022, Ingo Dinges recorded less accidents compared to the previous year which leads to lower claims ratio and better defense against unjustified claims.

  • Improved safety: drivers are better protected by Samsara's dual dashcams when working with dangerous goods

  • Accelerated claims management: With simple and fast video footage, they receive efficient legal support

  • Increasing driver satisfaction: All drivers state that the Samsara technology reduces stress and leads to more relaxed and attentive driving

Chemical logistics in transition: Dinges Logistics' road to success from Grünstadt to the rest of world

Dinges Logistics is a service provider for transport and logistics solutions specialising in the chemical industry, based in Grünstadt, Rhineland-Palatinate. The German company was founded in 2000 with just one tractor unit. Dinges Logistics is now internationally active with over 30,000 orders per year and employs a team of more than 250 people with 120 tractors and 230 trailers. Many years of experience in the industry, modern equipment and a competent team of employees form the basis of their dynamic growth in recent years.

Focus on transformation and sustainability

The challenges for Dinges Logistics are manifold: from rising costs for fuel, tolls and workshop visits to ambiguities in claims handling. To counter these, the transport provider set itself clear main goals: Digitalisation and process simplification to reduce costs in view of upcoming CO2 emission regulations. The ambitious goals focus on driver training, technology integration and resource optimisation. All these challenges open up the opportunity to transform the company through the introduction of digital technologies and sustainable measures in order to reduce costs, protect the environment and increase competitiveness - this is where Samsara was able to establish itself as the perfect partner to provide support right from the start.

Samsara's Dual-facing  Dash Cam: The Answer to International Transport Challenges

International transport presents many challenges, especially when it comes to damage abroad. Mobilising local police in the event of minor accidents often proves difficult. One solution that has proven extremely useful is the use of video recordings as evidence. These not only help to clarify incidents, but also speed up the claims process. Samsara already offers video recordings that capture G-forces. This feature is crucial, especially when transporting dangerous goods, as it helps minimize the risk of missing traffic signs while making turns. In addition, however, Samsara has a sophisticated safety rating system known as 'Safety Scores'. This system continuously monitors all aspects of vehicle performance and handling. The comprehensive monitoring not only enables the identification of safety risks, but also helps to continuously improve driver performance. Through detailed analysis and continuous feedback, drivers can receive targeted training and support to promote safer and more efficient driving. These integrated telematics solutions from Samsara thus offer a holistic way to continuously improve safety and efficiency in transport.

So the solution for Dinges Logistics was the dual dashcam with cloud connection from Samsara. Another important point is that SD cards are no longer needed. This is of high importance, as the safety of the drivers and the guarantee of evidence when an accident occurs are top priorities and can be viewed directly on site, but additionally remotely. The dual dashcams are also suitable for transporting 40 tonnes of hazardous goods, which optimally meets Dinges Logistics' requirements. Together, the two companies overcome the challenges of international transport and can also meet safety and efficiency standards.

Easy integration and driver benefits

The integration of Samsara solutions at Dinges Logistics went extremely smoothly. For older vehicles, the installation of the systems was simple and efficient with the help of Samsara technicians. New vehicles, on the other hand, were equipped with the required Samsara devices directly in the company's own workshops and by its own employees, as the implementation is so simple and requires no assistance. Due to the initial skepticism of the drivers, they were comprehensively informed by Daniel Hirschinger, fleet manager at Dinges Logistics, and familiarised with extracts as well as training materials. It was clearly communicated that no permanent recording takes place and that the dashcams are only activated in certain situations. Also important are the individual training sessions, which can be tailored to the needs of each driver.

The range of Samsara products includes Gateway and Dual Dashcam. Not all of the total 120 vehicles are equipped yet, but more systems are gradually being implemented as older vehicles are replaced.

Positive impact on the business

The implementation of Samsara systems has had profound results on Dinges Logistics' business, both in the daily work routine and in the lives of the drivers. Using the system requires additional time and commitment in the daily work routine. Daniel Hirschinger checks the Samsara portal twice a week for improvement possibilities, as the technology requires a conscious integration into daily operations. For the drivers, the initial switch to the new systems was unfamiliar, but they now feel more confident. Especially when dealing with language barriers in other countries, the system helps by avoiding false reports. Without exception, all Dinges Logistics drivers are satisfied and support the introduction of the new system. "Samsara technology has revolutionised my everyday driving. Stress is history and I enjoy the quiet, attentive driving. A game changer on the road," says one of the Dinges Logistics drivers.

The impact on safety is impressive: within 2.5 years, the number of accidents in the entire fleet was significantly reduced. In 2022, only 8 out of 25 accidents were due to own fault, compared to 22 out of 46 in the previous year - a drop from 48% to only 32% and also a drop from 46 accidents to only 25. This not only led to increased safety, but also to a reduction in environmental damage caused by the leakage of chemical hazardous materials. The importance of smooth transport of chemicals and dangerous goods plays a major role, as even small problems can lead to significant damage, especially with a load of 40 tonnes. Samsara has not only increased safety, but also helped minimise costly accidents and environmental impact.

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