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Bretts were using a manual process of video footage retrieval from SD cards located in their front only dashcams. Often their dashcam data was missing, corrupted or overwritten and they were unable to find the footage they were looking for as their dated hardware was failing them.

How They Solved It

This year, Bretts installed dual-facing Samsara dash cams to gain visibility into incidents, examine driver behaviour, and improve driver coaching. Samsara’s innovative technology, yet simple approach, was a clear winner for Brett’s.

“Samsara offered a premium product at a price point we were confident in. Communication and interaction with the entire team to deploy was fantastic,”

Maciej Szczygiel, Head of Projects & Planning Efficiencies.


Since using Samsara, Bretts has seen a drop in accidents, a decrease in recorded fault accidents, and a reduction in poor driving behaviour. Reducing the administration cost of manual SD card retrieval, has also saved them OPEX savings of approximately three days per calendar month of manual maintenance.

“Using a cloud-based solution is the direction we need to go to keep our drivers safer, our insurance premiums lower and save operational costs in admin maintenance.”

Maciej Szczygiel, Head of Projects & Planning Efficiencies.

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