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Roelofs Transport sees a 60% reduction in non-fault claims with Samsara’s real-time AI solutions

“Our drivers can be away from base for extended periods of time, up to two weeks. With Samsara Virtual Coaching, drivers can review their coaching event on the same day, or at the next stop, which helps correct and improve driving behaviours, almost in real-time.”

Dennis Hendriks, Operations Manager - Roelofs Transport

3 standout benefits:

  • 88 processes reduced to 4, meaning a huge reduction in total processes across the fleet.

  • Process reductions impact 400 weekly jobs, meaning 33,600 processes reduced per week.

  • 60 % reduction of instances of non-fault claims since installation.

Maintaining driver discipline and safety challenges

Over the past three decades, Hans Roelofs, the founder of Roelofs Transport, has witnessed his family business evolve into an international haulage firm boasting a fleet of over 50 Scania trucks. While maintaining driver discipline was relatively straightforward in the early days when Hans managed a single truck, ensuring the same level of discipline amidst the business's growth presents fresh challenges. The company's website emphasises the core values of "empathy and discipline" that drive its commitment to go the extra mile for customers, a principle that becomes increasingly complex to uphold as the business expands.

With operations spanning across various countries between Italy and the Netherlands, the task of staying connected with and effectively managing multiple drivers became unmanageable using Roelofs' outdated telematics system. As drivers are mandated to adhere to legal time limits during extended shifts, failure to do so could lead to fines and potential legal consequences. The imperative for discipline extends to driver behaviour while operating the vehicles, as Roelofs encountered too many incidents of vehicle and cargo damage that went unaccounted for. These instances resulted in substantial costs, including vehicle repairs, damage to cargo impacting the company's reputation, and heightened insurance premiums following each occurrence. To tackle these challenges, Roelofs Transport sought an advanced solution to track its expanding fleet, gain insights into driver behaviour, and effectively address issues in real-time. For that, Roelofs turned to Samsara.

Digitising operations for Roelofs Transport

Roelofs Transport set out on a mission to digitise operations. Initially opting for Samsara's Front-Facing AI Dash Cameras, Roelofs soon recognised the broader potential of the Connected Operations™ Cloud in enhancing safety and mitigating risks for vehicles and cargo.

Samsara seamlessly integrated the cameras across Roelofs' fleet, yielding profound insights into driver behaviour with minimal disruption. The Vehicle Gateway not only connected to cameras but also integrated vehicle diagnostic data, enriching operational insights.

Addressing intricate legal requirements, Roelofs employs a Transport Management System (TMS). Samsara's bespoke project to integrate the TMS highlighted its commitment to a partnership beyond conventional supplier-client ties.

Enhancing driver safety and behaviour with AI dash cameras

Monitoring driver behaviour is just one of the benefits brought by AI dash cameras. They also shield drivers in incidents caused by other road users. For instance, in Italy, a reckless driver abruptly cut in front of a Roelofs truck, forcing the driver to brake suddenly to avoid collision, causing €16,000 in damage to the truck. High-definition footage showcased the car driver's fault, leading Italian police to prosecute them based on the dash cam evidence. This safety net exonerated both the truck driver and Roelofs, positively impacting their wellbeing, financials, and reputation.

Beyond critical event recording, the cameras hold more value through AI-driven Virtual Coaching. This real-time feature offers immediate guidance to drivers based on incidents, enhancing habits on the road. Virtual Coaching effectively bolsters driver safety, addressing high-risk situations like tailgating or seatbelt non-compliance. The convenience of in-field coaching has garnered popularity among Roelofs’ drivers, saving time and expenses compared to attending in-office sessions.

Dennis emphasised, "Our drivers can be away for up to two weeks. With Samsara Virtual Coaching, they review events on the same day or next stop, enhancing driving behaviours almost instantly." AI Dash Cameras with Virtual Coaching significantly cut non-fault claims by 60%.

A new mobile experience empowering drivers in real-time

A further Samsara feature that Roelofs has recently tested is Mobile Experience Management. This enables the team in the office to tailor the mobile experience for in-cab safety and field productivity. No-code configuration means Roelofs can easily create and edit device policies to ensure its drivers have access to the right apps and settings for their job. This is helping Roelofs to reduce distractions while its drivers need to pay attention to the road by automatically restricting access to non-essential apps and silencing notifications for vehicles in motion.

The telematics advantage

Samsara's impact extended beyond safety to encompass efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Through Samsara's Vehicle Gateway, Roelofs unlocked enhanced telematics functionality, optimising routes, elevating customer service, and curbing fuel wastage. This transformation also impacted Roelofs' operational processes, streamlining workflows and enhancing overall productivity. It helped Roelofs to significantly reduce its number of processes. Dennis notes that a typical Roelofs delivery “had 88 processes, from order intake, to delivery, to the customer. These have been reduced to four processes with all the different Samsara integrations.” Roelofs has about 400 jobs per week so that’s a huge reduction in total processes across its fleet.

A future defined by innovation and collaboration

Roelofs Transport's journey has highlighted the potential of Samsara's Connected Operations™ Cloud. As the company embraced digital solutions, the partnership with Samsara yielded unexpected benefits.

In this relationship between Roelofs Transport and Samsara, customers are the ultimate beneficiaries. Real-time insights into driver behaviour and the safeguarding of cargo translate to improved service reliability. The ability to promptly address incidents ensures timely deliveries and minimises disruptions. Enhanced efficiency, reduced fuel wastage, and streamlined processes directly contribute to a seamless customer experience.

As Samsara continues to roll out innovative features, visionary companies like Roelofs Transport stand to offer their customers even greater benefits. The journey towards efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction is a shared endeavour, underpinned by the relationship between Roelofs Transport and Samsara.

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