Reduce fuel costs and improve operational expenses with real-time fuel efficiency reporting,  driver performance scores, and cost-reducing driver behaviour metrics. 


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Real-time Eco-Driving Reports

Get real live, up-to-the-minute data on driver behaviour metrics for your entire fleet. Get a graded fuel report that ranks how your fleet is performing over a period of time so you can get the insight to save on your overall fuel costs. 

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Eco-Driving Score

See how your drivers are consuming unnecessary fuel using a number of driver behaviour metrics like over speeding, idling and high engine torque allowing you to coach them on how to improve their driving habits.

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Lower Costs and Increase Efficiency

Improve vehicle operation costs by using insights on your driver’s vehicle behaviour and maximise your fuel cost savings. 


Reduce Fuel Consumption

Reduce idling, and other fuel efficiency indicators and achieve a greener, safer and more sustainable fleet.


Monitor Driver Fuel  Usage

Real-time driver behaviour metrics indicating how fuel is being unnecessarily consumed allowing you to coach driver habits and behaviours. 

Configure Driver Behaviour Metrics

 Easily weigh in on what metrics are most important for you. You can turn on or off metrics and change their weighting allowing you to focus on the metrics that matter to you.

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Increase operational sustainability

Reduce your vehicle’s greenhouse gas emissions and the negative impact it has on the environment by understanding how you can reduce unnecessary fuel usage.

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