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Unify reporting across your operations

Centralise data from all of your operations onto a single, consolidated platform. Get a clear view of performance and easily connect systems to ensure you have one source of truth for your data.


  • See all key reports in one dashboard

  • Sync data using turnkey integrations

  • Automate compliance workflows

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Driver Efficiency Score

Monitor trends with pre-built and custom reports

Leverage Samsara’s 30+ automated reports to track efficiency, safety, compliance, maintenance, asset utilization, and more. Create personalised reports for your workflows with a custom report builder.


  • Track efficiency trends over time

  • View safety reports and scorecards

  • Build custom reports for your team

Get alerted to safety priorities instantly

Respond immediately to incidents on the road and at any of your sites with AI-powered real-time alerts. Get notified instantly of any critical fault codes or unsafe inspection reports with vehicles, assets, and machines.


  • Protect drivers with in-cab safety alerts

  • Get notified of equipment faults

  • Avoid breakdowns with maintenance alerts

  • Respond quickly to Panic Button alerts

Automate key workflows with real-time data

Get SMS and email alerts and easily act on them with connected workflows, including temperature alerts and control, automatic coaching for vehicle idling, geofences for drivers, and more.


  • Avoid spoilage with temperature alerts

  • Get real-time updates on fuel levels

  • Customise alerts to your workflows

  • Improve efficiency with geofences

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