A Complete System for Compliance, Safety, Efficiency, and Customer Service


Keep up with demand - dispatch and track your fleet with real-time GPS, leveraging weather and traffic data to exceed your customers' expectations.


On-demand reports and real-time alerts identify and correct fuel waste, while route analytics help reduce unnecessary miles, saving both fuel and labour


Get the most out of your fleet and prevent breakdowns with preventative reminders, over-the-air vehicle diagnostics, and real-time fault code alerts.

Real-time Fleet Tracking

Near real-time, isn’t real time. Using a Helicopter View, track your arrivals or delays down to the second. Differentiate your business with better customer service.

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VG34 Vehicle IoT Gateway

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Every second counts

WiFi Hotspot

Stay connected, across all your devices


Monitor vehicle performance

Plug-and-Play Installation

Install Hardware within minutes

Gateway Accessories

Extend visibility to other areas of your operations

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Stay Connected With High Speed LTE WiFi

Samsara’s secure WiFi hotspot, built in to every GPS gateway, eliminates the need for dedicated cellular modems, wireless routers, or carrier contacts. Reduce cellular data costs and provide continuous connectivity.

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Optimise Fleet Activity

Track fleet activity with custom Geofence Alerts, and get notified when vehicles arrive and leave a specific location, or when abnormal activity occurs. Zoom in on the time spent at each location, with Time on Site Reports to better optimise route time.

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Driver Management

Ensure tachograph compliance and improve driver productivity, with an all-in-one app to log driving hours, complete Walkarounds, capture documents, and more.

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Samsara Integrates With Your Business

Streamline your business’ data with our open APIs, and connect your most important third party apps to Samsara. Capture the benefit of real-time data for all your operations in a single workflow.