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Descartes SmartAnalysis

by Descartes

Automatic remote download of tachograph data from Samsara to Descartes SmartAnalysis.



Key features

  • Enables users to send their digital tachograph data to SmartAnalysis for analysis and reporting automatically to a set schedule
  • Eliminates the need for drivers to download their driver and VU files in Samsara and manually upload them again in SmartAnalysis
  • Saves the operator hours each week (depending on fleet size) and will ensure that digital tachograph driver card and VU data is always downloaded on time


  • Save time and eliminate the burden of downloading tachograph data
  • Ensure that tachograph data is downloaded in a timely fashion and driver card downloads are not missed
  • Tachograph and driver data is safe and secure in accordance with ISO27001 – the international standard for information security management

SmartAnalysis, tachograph analysis and reporting is part of the Descartes SmartCompliance suite of compliance management solutions for fleets of all sizes. SmartCompliance also includes SmartLicence, driving licence and driver CPC verification with DVLA and SmartCheck, mobile driver vehicle safety check app.

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