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Easily launch turn-by-turn truck navigation with PTV Navigator directly from the Samsara Driver App.



Launch PTV Navigator within the Samsara Driver App for turn-by-turn truck navigation. PTV Navigator only navigates drivers on routes that are available to their vehicle type, so truck drivers arrive at their destination safely and on time.


  • Provide drivers clear and accurate turn-by-turn navigation for their prescribed route and vehicle type
  • Give drivers the tools they need in the Samsara Driver App, avoiding the need to switch between multiple apps
  • Increase driver satisfaction and productivity by simplifying their navigation process for each stop of their daily routes

Requirements: PTV Navigator is available for Android only, and needs to be purchased & installed separately for each driver. PTV Navigator is currently only available in Europe.

About PTV Group: PTV Group is a mobility and transportation company that helps businesses to manage their fleets with several different fleet solutions, such as PTV Navigator.

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