On demand | Safety – 30 minutes

Driving sustainability in European fleets: Mastering the Avoid, Shift, Improve Framework

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Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about:

  • The current pressures and driving factors behind decarbonisation for European fleet operators

  • Practical applications of the Avoid, Shift, Improve framework for sustainability-focused fleet operations

  • How leading-edge technology – to gather and analyse granular fleet data – is playing a critical role on the road to decarbonisation

We’ll also ran a live Q&A, which gave attendees the opportunity to ask questions to our expert industry panel:

  • Conor Molloy – An Al Gore Climate Reality leader since 2018, Conor has been helping businesses save fuel and manage their energy use for profit and planet – to reduce their CO2/GHG emissions – since 2005. He trains companies to maximise their energy performance, minimising emissions on the path to net-zero.

  • Ciaran O’Neill – As part of the Samsara team, Ciaran partners with fleet decision-makers to support their path to sustainable fleet management and a smaller carbon footprint. Through its Connected Operations Cloud, Samsara plays a leading role in enhancing fleet safety, efficiency and sustainability through a single data-driven platform.

  • Ron McNamara – Ron is founder and CEO of DriverFocus, a leading provider of data-driven solutions that allow businesses with cars and vans to reduce carbon, cut costs, ensure compliance, and enhance care. DriverFocus has been a Samsara partner since 2020.

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