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How the City of Atlanta Increased Efficiency with Remote Visibility

Learn how the City's Department of Aviation streamlined their airfield maintenance operations through real-time data and a seamless API integrations.

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Meet the City of Atlanta’s Department of Aviation

Maintaining the airfield in compliance with FAA regulations

The City of Atlanta's Department of Aviation is responsible for maintaining thousands of acres of land surrounding the Atlanta Airport—the #1 busiest airport in the world. To avoid attracting wildlife like birds (which pose a safety issue to aircraft taking off and landing), the FAA requires the airport to keep grass mowed to a specific height. But before Samsara, the city had limited visibility into this critical safety issue. Because they were reliant on manual work orders and line-of-sight supervision, their team had no way to confirm whether grass was mowed properly—or at all—unless a supervisor watched it happen

Real-time, remote visibility within the city's maintenance system

Using Samsara’s open API, the City pulls real-time data from Samsara Asset Gateways (AGs) into their Cityworks Maintenance Management system to monitor the progress of their airfield mowers. Customizable alerts and geofences for grass-covered areas enable complete remote visibility. Now, when a mower is turned on in a geofenced area, a workflow is triggered in Cityworks notifying the shift manager that mowing has started. When the equipment is turned off or the mower exits the geofenced area, another alert is sent to the shift manager that mowing in the area has been completed. Managers also use real-time speed data from Samsara to confirm mowers are moving at the optimal pace to ensure grass is cut to the correct height.

Increased efficiency and more confidence in compliance

With this real-time, remote visibility, managers spend significantly less time inspecting mowing activity. This frees them up to manage issues that require closer attention or supervision. Furthermore, because each instance of mowing activity is automatically captured, managers now have a complete and permanent record of mowing activity data—including start and completion times—to verify FAA compliance.

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