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Integrated Driver Safety, Coaching & Reporting Tools

Create a proactive safety program that protects employees in real time and identifies risks that are often overlooked. Leverage HD video, in-cab coaching technology, workflows and reporting to grow your safety program.

86% decrease in preventable accident costs and 43% decrease in workers compensation costs
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Intelligent and Proactive Worksite Safety

Consolidate onsite third-party and Samsara cameras in one cloud dashboard. Improve workplace safety with intelligent detections, real-time alerts, and effective coaching.

$1M in estimated savings for injury claims through improved employee coaching and streamlined investigation
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A Complete Toolkit for Safer Driving

Ensure the right drivers are assigned to the right vehicles for effective coaching on unsafe driving behaviors with Samsara’s Driver App.

99% decrease in unassigned miles week-over-week by using Samsara's start of shift workflow
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Safety Insights Across Your Operations

Configure automated alerts to closely monitor high-risk incidents so that your safety managers can focus on what matters most to your safety program.

Data to Inform Your Next ESG Report

Get the most important safety metrics for the board, ESG reporting, or investor and analyst relations, including access to tools and resources to help you decrease accident and collision rates for outsized social impact.

33% decrease in preventable vehicle accidents
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Building a safer and more socially responsible world

Leverage Samsara Safety Insights to inform your next Environmental, Social, and Governance Report.

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The Connected Operations Platform

Explore all of the solutions available to you and your business when you unify your operations with Samsara.