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CR Jackson saves $120K by recovering stolen equipment with Asset Tracking

By consolidating their operations under a single integrated platform, CR Jackson gained full visibility across asset tracking and operations, driver safety, and vehicle diagnostics.

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Meet CR Jackson

Lacking a single source of truth across equipment, vehicles, drivers, and the back-office was costing their business. 

Based in South Carolina, CR Jackson is an infrastructure company focused on heavy highway construction, serving the Department of Transportation among other local municipalities. Prior to Samsara, CR Jackson used multiple vendors to handle processes such as compliance management, equipment tracking, and light fleet management. With their processes scattered across disparate systems and paperwork, they ran into challenges around asset protection, driver exoneration, and operational inefficiency.

After experiencing theft of expensive equipment on multiple occasions, CR Jackson sought a cost-effective and robust way to track their equipment and secure their operation. They needed a single integrated solution to unify their mission-critical processes and gain real-time visibility across their assets.

Integrated platform transforms their operations and reduces costs

With the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud, CR Jackson centralized their disparate systems and streamlined processes onto a single integrated and easy-to-use platform. Instead of distributing data and workstreams across multiple solutions, they are now able to connect their operations—improving visibility, reducing costs, and boosting efficiency.

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Protecting assets from loss and improving their bottom line 

CR Jackson needed a better way to track and optimize their equipment. By deploying Samsara’s new Unpowered Asset Gateways, they can now monitor their vehicles and equipment, all from one platform. Instead of spending time and fuel locating equipment in the field, they can now better allocate resources and streamline their operations. 

With equipment theft on the rise, CR Jackson also leveraged Samsara’s Asset Tracking solution to recover a stolen skid steer loader, saving them over $120,000.


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Vehicle Telematics CR Jackson

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Preventative approach to vehicle diagnostics improves fleet performance

Prior to Samsara, CR Jackson used two different legacy solutions that siloed vehicle data across systems. As a result, they had limited visibility into their fleet’s diagnostic data, so proactively maintaining their fleet was a challenge.

By deploying Samsara Vehicle Gateways, CR Jackson has centralized their fleet data within a single platform—improving efficiency, reducing costs, and extending vehicle lifetime. CR Jackson can now leverage real-time data to take a preventative approach to vehicle diagnostics, proactively spotting issues to reduce downtime.


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AI Dash Cams improve driver safety and protect against false claims

Without visibility into incidents on the road, CR Jackson had no way to exonerate innocent drivers. By adopting Samsara dual-facing AI Dash Cams, they can now easily retrieve footage to streamline incident investigation. As a result, CR Jackson exonerated drivers operating light fleet equipment 3 times in the first 8 months of their deployment.


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