How Univar Solutions Makes their Data a Competitive Advantage

Learn how North America’s largest chemical & ingredient distributor stays ahead of the curve with the Samsara Connected Operations™ Cloud.

40%+ decrease in harsh events

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Meet Univar Solutions

Before Samsara, siloed systems hindered innovation and agility

Univar Solutions is one of the world’s largest chemical and ingredient distributors—and the largest in North America. They purchase ingredients from thousands of producers and repackage, blend, dilute, transport, and sell finished products worldwide. With nearly 100 years of industry experience, Univar Solutions delivers exceptional service while operating a network of facilities powered by one of the largest private fleets in the industry.

While Univar Solutions’ immediate need was upgrading their compliance solution, they were seeking a technology partner with an array of applications that would scale and evolve. Their data was siloed across different systems, making it difficult to drive efficiency and safety improvements at scale. Market challenges, such as the labor shortage and international supply chain delays, only intensified their resolve to invest in innovative technology to capture and act on critical data in real time.

“We are a massive, large-cap company that desires to be nimble like a small company, so it necessitates that we quickly navigate and pivot based on business needs,” said VP of Transportation Rob McRae.

A ‘single source of truth’ that connects their operations

With Samsara, Univar Solutions has connected their data and systems—from warehouse to delivery—in a single platform. As a result, they have turned their operational data into a competitive advantage, empowering them to operate more safely and nimbly. Univar Solutions’ executive leadership views Samsara as an innovative technology partner they can grow with for years to come.

AAA Vehicle Telematics

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Scalable telematics provides reliable data & reporting

Univar Solutions implemented Samsara faster than planned, under budget, and without disruptions to key operational data—successfully deploying Samsara Vehicle Gateways (VGs) and AI Dash Cams (CMs) to 1,000 vehicles in only five months. Since then, they have seen a significant reduction in service visit points for technical hardware issues and a reduced SLA time with their service provider. With Samsara’s advanced telematics solution, Univar Solutions now has real-time visibility into the location and status of every load, simplifying day-to-day operations and regulatory reporting.


API integrations unlock end-to-end supply chain visibility

Samsara’s open API has allowed Univar Solutions to integrate all their systems from warehouse to delivery. Key integrations with SAP, CoPilot, and Comdata make it possible to automatically and continuously maintain the correct status on freight orders, customer loads, driver hours, and more across all systems. As a result, Univar Solutions can provide information to their customers on where their shipment is and when they should expect it in real time. Now, their team can focus on providing the exceptional customer service that has kept Univar Solutions at the top of their industry for almost a century.

AAA Data and Integrations

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Video-based coaching improves safety on the road

Because Univar Solutions transports sensitive and potentially hazardous materials, safety is the top priority. On the road, Samsara AI Dash Cams help keep drivers safe with proactive coaching and provide context to the team when incidents occur. As a result, Univar Solutions has achieved a 40%+ decrease in harsh events across their fleet, helping keep their drivers and communities safe.

AAA dash cam

AAA driver using Driver App

Driver App

Easy-to-use app & Safety Scores keep drivers engaged

In most instances, Univar Solutions’ drivers are working by themselves on the road or at customer sites. The Samsara Driver App helps Univar Solutions keep those employees engaged and motivated with Safety Scores that give them timely feedback on their performance. Leaders at Univar Solutions see Samsara as a critical asset to driver recruiting and retention.

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