Capture documents in real time

Drivers can capture delivery photos, take notes, capture electronic signatures, and more using any smartphone or tablet. Photos, notes, and relevant data are instantly uploaded to the Samsara Dashboard.

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Provide exceptional customer service

Quickly investigate claims of overages, shortages, damages, and missed delivery windows with anytime access to documents, notes, and more.

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Increase back office efficiency

Instantly retrieve the documents you need to accelerate processes for customer invoicing, payroll, and more.

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Customize forms to suit your business

Drag-and-drop fields make it easy to customize forms and ensure your drivers capture all the right information.

“As we look to go completely paperless, we're excited to continue working with Samsara to find ways to operate more efficiently.”


Maximize visibility, minimize overhead

Say goodbye to manual scanning, sorting, and filing. Save time and effort by accessing time-stamped documents, photos, and notes in a centralized dashboard.

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Keep your systems in sync

Whether you need to connect your order management, transportation management, or enterprise resource planning systems, our open APIs make it easy to get the documents you need into the systems where you need it.