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Streamline the driver experience to improve productivity and efficiency


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Give drivers the right information at the right time, all in one easy-to-use app.


Streamline operations; no hardware, carrier contracts, or IT set-up required.


Tailor your drivers’ experience with diverse configuration options and open APIs.

Help drivers stay connected

Drivers’ jobs are more complex than ever. Give your team the tools they need to meet demanding schedules with great precision.

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Streamline workflows with a single app

The free Samsara Driver App works on any iOS or Android device. High-speed WiFi hotspots are built into every Samsara vehicle gateway, so you don’t need a separate cellular plan to keep your team connected and productive.

Simplify HOS compliance

With Samsara’s FMCSA-registered ELD, drivers don’t need a proprietary device to log and track Hours of Service. The Driver App is intuitively designed, with countdown clocks and in-app reminders that help drivers avoid violations by keeping HOS top of mind.

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Improve driver communication

Make it quick and easy for drivers to see upcoming jobs and share information with your back office, with app-based document capture and two-way instant messaging.

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Send the Right Driver to the Right Jobs

The Samsara Driver App makes it easy for drivers to see exactly where they need to be, and when they need to be there. Upcoming routes, tasks, and job details are updated instantly and can be accessed in one place.

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Faster resolutions & fewer breakdowns

Simplify pre- and post-trip inspections. Drivers can add photos, make notes, and certify reports using just their smartphones. Paperless DVIRs help drivers save time and can be viewed instantly by mechanics.

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Centralize operational insights

Find opportunities to improve on-time performance and customer satisfaction, with centralized insights into route performance and driver behavior. Streamline recordkeeping and keep information synced between your customers, drivers, and back office.

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