Auxiliary Input Hub

Engine Immobilizer

The Samsara Engine Immobilizer allows fleet managers to remotely disable or enable the ignition of any vehicle from the Samsara dashboard, in the event of an emergency. With its discreet design and instant response, the Engine Immobilizer is ideal for preventing vehicle theft, recovering stolen assets, and managing access to vehicles.

List Price: $108 CAD per unit. Requires Samsara Vehicle Gateway license.

8 additional auxiliary ports

The Auxiliary Input Hub provides 8 additional digital input lines to the Samsara Vehicle Gateway. This enables customers to record and visualize additional data from connected equipment, such as emergency lights and sirens, power take-off, crane booms, generators, and more. An additional common ground line is also included.

Customize input lines in the Samsara dashboard

The Samsara vehicle settings page enables you to customize these 8 auxiliary lines (along with the two native auxiliary ports on the Samsara Vehicle Gateway) according to your needs, making it easy to track a variety of equipment across your entire fleet.

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