Taking Samsara to new heights. Literally.

Join us on a journey where Samsara tech boldly goes where it hasn't gone before: space.

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Initiating the launch sequence.

The Samsara space mission is true to our innovative core, pushing our technology and products to places they have never been before. Explore details around the launch, the craft design, and some fun facts from the mission log below.

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Dive into data straight from the control room.

Inspect the Samsara craft.

A carbon fiber and 3D printed payload housed four Samsara products gathering out-of-this-world data.

1. Dual-Facing dash Cam (CM34)

High definition inward & outward facing video.

2. Asset Tag (AT11)
3. Vehicle Gateway (VG)
4. Environmental Monitor (EM31)
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Buckle up and follow along on the flight path.

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