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Hootfund: Supporting Samsarians’ Well-Being and Passions

November 1, 2023


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At Samsara, we invest in our employees’ holistic well-being—from healthcare to professional development to personal growth and mental wellness. Samsara’s “Hootfund” benefit is a quarterly reimbursement that our employees can use for wellness, family and home expenses, and professional or personal development expenses. While many use their Hootfund for gym memberships and internet bills, some Samsarians have found out-of-the-box ways to utilise this benefit to support their passions and unique hobbies.

See how Samsarians used their Hootfund this year!


Nikki Klepper, People Experience Programs Specialist (SF Office - CA)

I spent my Q3 Hootfund on a local Pickleball Tournament I've been training for with my mixed doubles partner. It was exciting to put our training to the test after spending the summer practicing in preparation. I love the camaraderie of the sport! I ended up knowing the majority of teams who entered, so we were able to play competitively, but also have fun and joke around during the day. Not to mention it was about 24°C and sunny, truly making for the perfect day! ☀️

Samsara’s Hootfund allows me to pursue more of my hobbies and interests outside of work to encourage a holistic development of myself (both personally and professionally).

Glider airplane in the air

Anthony Landau, Senior Software Engineer (London Office - UK)

I used my Hootfund to cover a portion of the entry fee for a gliding competition, where 22 of us raced our gliders around the Cotswolds for over a week in some challenging weather conditions—having a lot of fun along the way. 🛩️ Thanks, Samsara!

Samsara employee making bowls in pottery class

Megan Tucker, Program Manager II - R&D PMO (Remote - Oregon)

This last summer I took not one, but three pottery classes using Samsara's amazing Hootfund. I went from a beginner level (making little bowls) to making big pasta bowls. Having a quarterly Hootfund stipend shows me Samsara really cares about me being a well-rounded person, investing in me (literally) so I can try new hobbies, sustain current ones, and help me get out of the house to have connections in my community. 🥣


Tareq Hunaidi, Mid Market Account Executive (SF Office - CA)

I used my Hootfund towards my Ikon Season Pass for snowboarding on my favourite tree runs and park days. 🌲🏂


Marian Arcos, People Operations Specialist (Remote - Mexico)

I decided to challenge myself by signing up for a sushi class to acquire new cooking skills in a different type of cuisine. At first, I thought it would just be a simple cooking class, but I was able to learn more about the history and culture of Japan. It was a very exciting class, and we made California rolls, nigiris, and temakis. 🍣

Samsara employees bouldering gym

Derek Limbus, Software Engineer (London Office - UK)

I use Hootfund for my bouldering gym membership. My favourite memory is bouldering with my team (pictured above) and when I did my first V5-grade climb. 🧗

Beach with surfer

Audrey Benchaya, Manager, Business Operations (Remote - France)

I used my Hootfund to go to a surf camp in Morocco for a few days earlier this year. It was my first time ever on a surfboard, so I was very proud to manage to stand up on my first wave! 🏄

Lettuce planted in hydroponic system

Emily Dutton, Sales Operations Analyst (Remote - Virginia)

I used my Hootfund on a hydroponics gardening workshop in Portland, Maine! Since the growing season is short there, hydroponics and greenhouses are becoming more common in households. We learned about native plant growing cycles and manual hydroponics. It was a fun, hands-on way to learn, and I had the opportunity to meet people in my community who shared similar interests. I am now able to enjoy delicious tomatoes even later in the season! 🌱

My favourite part about Samsara’s Hootfund is the breadth of what it can be used for! I am able to take classes of all sorts (workout, gardening, painting) or use it to support my family, such as getting a car seat to help watch my nieces and nephews. This benefit enables me to do things I wouldn't normally do and provides access to various activities that boost my holistic well-being.

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