Our commitment to efficiency

Efficiency is about more than profits. It's about enabling growth and innovation, improving quality and customer service, and reducing waste. That's why we've built technology to support our customers productivity and streamline their operations.”

Kiren Sekar

Executive VP, Marketing and Product

How Samsara helps customers increase operational efficiency

Efficiency can mean the difference between a business that’s succeeding or just getting by. That’s why we built technology that supports productivity without costing extra time. Our technologies streamline business by helping customers to:

Discover unexpected savings

By improving operational efficiency with actionable data, Samsara helps customers discover unexpected savings so they can spend more time on what really matters—growing their businesses. For example, Samsara utilisation reports can help customers identify under-utilised vehicles, fuel reports can ensure businesses understand ways to reduce fuel use, and route analytics reports can offer insights to help optimise routes.

Uniti Fiber

Monitor operations in real time

Monitor operations in real time: Increase labor and equipment efficiency by monitoring operations in real time. Get exact location data with Samsara real-time GPS tracking to reduce downtime and more effectively dispatch a nearby worker to a job site. Plus, keep customers informed by providing them with this same real-time data to improve satisfaction and create a more seamless customer experience.

Get actionable insights

Because Samsara is an all-in-one platform, customers can access all their data—including vehicle telematics, driver safety, mobile workflow, compliance and asset tracking in one central location. Not only does this help customers reduce costs associated with multiple vendors, but it brings various data sets into a cloud-based platform to help businesses of all types drive actionable insights.

Stay connected

Harsh driving, excess idling, and inefficient routing can add up to higher fuel usage. Samsara helps decrease unnecessary fuel use through real-time visibility into driver behavior and insights into route performance. By collecting engine data from each vehicle, Samsara provides unmatched visibility into a fleet’s fuel usage, making it easy to identify which truck is idling, which drivers need coaching, and which routes minimise the distance between stops.

Customer stories

Samsara’s customers operate businesses that form the backbone of our economy. We are committed to building products that help them improve operational efficiency, increase fuel and energy efficiency, and reduce their impact on the environment

With the help of Samsara, our customers have maximised productivity.


in vehicle downtime when City of Fort Lauderdale used Samsara reporting and live engine fault code alerts to streamline fleet maintenance.


in dispatch productivity when Uniti Fiber used Samsara GPS data to help dispatchers consolidate multiple jobs along a technician’s route to increase productivity.

Armstrong Richardson

Having live tracking has made a massive difference. We’re cutting mileage, saving time and not running further than we have to.”

Steve Whitehead

National Transport Manager, Armstrong Richardson

Samsara’s ability to provide instant updates on vehicle location helps Armstrong Richardson direct vehicles that get lost in low service areas

Cash-Wa Distributing

If it weren’t for Samsara, I’d probably have at least four vendors to cover all the things it’s doing for us. From GPS and temperature monitoring to driver safety, fuel savings, and Hours of Service, it just works.”

Jim Hoss

VP of Operations, Cash-Wa Distributing

Abbey Travel

We’ve had incidents in the past where the road was closed and we couldn’t get ahead of the driver so he ended up being late for the collection. Now, we can use Samsara to see ahead, contact the driver and re-route them to reach the customer on time.”

Steve Woodall

Transport Manager, Abbey Travel

Samsara’s dashboard, showing all of their vehicles in real-time, is now permanently displayed on a big screen in the Abbey Travel office. Anyone can glance at the screen and quickly see the position of the vehicle and the driver behind the wheel.

Stokes Trucking

One thing we love about Samsara is that it’s very user-friendly. It’s a simplified process—being able to just see it all in one location. It’s easy to pull reports and know exactly where our tractors are and if they’re moving or turned on.”

Tyler Howell

Director of Safety, Stokes Trucking

With Samsara, Stokes Trucking was able to consolidate their dash cam and telematics solution into a single platform.