Thousands of customers

using Samsara Dash Cams

50% fewer accidents

after introducing a video-based safety program

60% lower costs

thanks to fewer and less severe accidents


A Complete Video-Based Driver Safety Program

Encourage Safe Driving

Improve driver safety using in-cab feedback and video-based coaching. Reward safe practices like defensive driving to increase driver retention.

Mitigate Risk

Standardise incident review and driver training – even across large fleets – with accountability and workflow tools.

Improve ROI

Make safety a competitive advantage. An effective fleet safety program saves lives, money, and time.

Make it easy to reward and incentivise safety

Align your fleet’s culture and incentives around driver safety. Be transparent about driver rankings, build data-driven rewards programs, and show evidence of exoneration to get buy-in across the team and ensure driver retention.

Track safety trends and improvements over time

Identify risky driving practices like distracted driving and measure changes in your safety culture over time with driver scorecards and trend reports.

Optimise driver training and coaching

Ensure consistent coaching of all drivers – no matter the location, supervisor or time. Samsara dash cams offer in-cab voice coaching for real-time feedback, and the dashboard provides step-by-step coaching workflows for safety managers.

Coach drivers to improve safety

Samsara’s dedicated coaching tools give you the ability to identify and manage coachable driving moments, and give drivers personalised, video-based feedback to improve future performance.

Part of a complete fleet management platform

Driver safety is one part of Samsara's complete platform. By combining real-time GPS tracking, sensor data, and powerful reporting tools, Samsara enables fleets of all sizes to optimise equipment, driver, and operational performance.

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