Safety ROI Calculator

In a matter of minutes, you can estimate the impact of your fleet safety programme with Samsara by inputting historical data relevant to your fleet, and estimating costs associated with your organisation. Easily forecast projected savings from partnering with Samsara to build your fleet safety programme.


Investment Details

Customer Fleet Data

To get started, input the relevant fleet and cost data specific to your organisation. After entering the number of Vehicles in Full Fleet, the remaining fields in the calculator will auto-populate using industry averages. You can override these fields with inputs specific to your fleet.

Fleet Size and Accident Rate

Get More Granular

If you have additional costs to account for in recognizing ROI, please input them below (additional direct costs, insurance premiums, and opportunity cost).

Cost Assumptions

Input based on the number of vehicles you plan to install AI Dash Cams and Vehicle Gateways across your fleet.

Save Money


Improvement Assumptions (with Samsara)

Input assumptions based on your safety programme goals. Default values demonstrate improvements seen by many of your peers already leveraging Samsara.


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Aspirational case

Direct Savings

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Insurance Savings

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Opportunity Cost Savings

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Driver Turnover Savings

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Total Safety Savings

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Contract Value + Install

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