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Simplify mobile management for safer, more efficient operations

  • End-to-End Visibility

    See your Android devices in the same dashboard as the rest of your operations.

  • Easy To Customize
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Manage apps and devices at scale to streamline operations

  • No-Code Configuration

    Easily create and edit device policies to ensure employees have access to the right apps and settings for their job.

  • Quick Enrollment
  • Remote Security
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Troubleshoot and train remotely to unlock employee productivity

See what they see on devices to save time troubleshooting issues and training workers, no matter where they are.

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Advanced Display Settings

Reduce mobile distractions to keep drivers safe

  • Focus Mode

    Automatically restrict access to non-essential apps and silence notifications for vehicles in motion.

  • Home Screen Customization
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What is Mobile Experience Management?

Mobile Experience Management is Samsara’s newest software solution to help industrial organizations customize and control safe and seamless Android experiences for their workforces at scale - no code or IT expertise needed. It simplifies mobile management for the back office by enabling safety, operations, and IT admins to: 

  • Easily configure and secure Android devices in the same dashboard as their people, vehicles, and assets.

  • Save time troubleshooting issues and training workers, no matter where they are.

  • Customize the mobile experience to limit distractions to keep drivers safe and compliant on the road.

What’s the difference between Mobile Experience Management, customer experience management, and mobile device management?

Customer experience management (CEM) is a category of marketing, sales, and customer engagement software that focuses on customer satisfaction and experience optimization. CEM solutions help businesses target audiences, automate messages, and manage omnichannel campaigns throughout the customer journey and lifecycle, often through mobile touchpoints.

Mobile device management (MDM) is a category of IT software that is designed to help office technology and security teams remotely control devices, apps, and system settings in order to keep corporate data safe on premises and off. Managed devices can include employee-owned personal devices used for work (BYOD) or company-owned devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, with Microsoft Windows, iOS, or Android operating systems. MDM software can track device inventory, block malware, and control access to apps via management features like containerization, geofencing, and kiosk modes, with minimal interruption to the end-user experience. Android MDM solutions are one type of endpoint management and can form a part of a workspace’s overarching enterprise mobility management (EMM) strategy.

Mobile Experience Management (MEM) is neither customer experience management nor mobile device management. MEM is Samsara’s cloud-based solution to simplify mobile management for safety, compliance, operations, dispatch, and IT admins in physical operations, designed with deep customer feedback from across industries. Mobile Experience Management makes it easy for organizations to manage their own devices and apps at scale, troubleshoot issues and train workers remotely, and customize the mobile experience for in-cab safety, field productivity, and customer service.

Why is Mobile Experience Management better than mobile device management?

Mobile device management solutions offer a complex set of features meant for IT admins to secure and monitor devices in an office context. However, mobile device management software, especially standalone iOS and Android device management solutions, is siloed from industrial business applications, difficult for non-IT teams to access, and not optimized for the physical demands of the environments in which their employees operate.

Samsara’s Mobile Experience Management offers a purpose-built, integrated, cloud-based solution to easily deploy Android apps and devices and customize the mobile experience specifically for organizations with physical operations. Beyond essential Android device management, MEM enables organizations to remotely troubleshoot issues, coach employees through new workflows, and reduce mobile distractions to keep drivers safe - all in the same platform as the rest of their operations.

Why should I choose Samsara’s Mobile Experience Management?

Mobile Experience Management is the only mobile management solution for physical operations that’s easy to use and accessible by all teams, continuously evolving with customer feedback, and seamlessly integrated with Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud for driver safety, vehicle telematics, and equipment monitoring.

MEM is designed to be simple for anyone, not just IT departments, to use. With no-code configuration, quick device enrollment, editable templates, and remote security built directly into our intuitive dashboard, MEM helps you minimize time spent managing mobile devices so you focus on more mission-critical tasks, from dispatch to coaching to compliance.

Moreover, MEM offers purpose-built functionality to streamline and personalize the mobile experience for physical operations. Remote Support makes it easy for the back office to see what mobile teams are seeing so they can efficiently guide field workers through new workflows and solve issues in real time. Additionally, Advanced Display Settings enable safety, compliance, dispatch, and operations teams to personalize the user experience with customizable templates and real-time data from drivers’ physical context to keep employees safe.

Best of all, MEM connects your mobile device data with your drivers, vehicles, and assets so you can improve safety and efficiency across your entire operation in one place.

What kind of mobile devices does Mobile Experience Management work for?

Mobile Experience Management supports company-owned Android devices such as smartphones or tablets. See our Product Guide for more FAQs on requirements for first-time device enrollment, authentication, app management, remote control, and more.

Does Mobile Experience Management support remote access and remote control of devices?

Yes, Mobile Experience Management includes remote support and security features. Remote Support allows back-office teams to see what employees are seeing and control devices directly from the Samsara dashboard to save time troubleshooting and training employees on mobile workflows in the field. Additionally, admins can remotely lock, factory reset, or restart devices, track locations, and require login passcodes to keep devices secure, without needing to start a Remote Support session.

Does Mobile Experience Management prevent distracted driving from cell phone use?

Yes, Mobile Experience Management is designed to reduce mobile distractions, a major cause of distracted driving. From basic functionality such as disabling access to outgoing phone calls and text messages and blocking mobile apps like social media to more Advanced Display Settings such as Focus Mode and Home Screen Customization, MEM helps keep drivers’ eyes on the road and hands off their phones. 

When used with Samsara’s Vehicle Gateways, Focus Mode automatically restricts device home screens to display only essential apps when vehicles are in motion, such as Hours of Service or navigation. Once vehicles reach a designated speed, Focus Mode proactively silences cell-phone-related distractions such as incoming calls, SMS, and push notifications and simplifies the home screen to reduce the risk of driver distractions.

Additional customization options allow managers to add custom headers to home screen displays and adjust app icon sizes to help drivers find critical information at a glance hands-free.

Why do I need Mobile Experience Management for my safety program?

Proper management of handheld cell phone use is paramount to fleet safety, as the consequences of distracted driving are serious. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (, over 3,500 fatalities occurred in 2021 due to distracted drivers. Despite statewide anti-distracted driving laws, texting bans, and even hand-held bans for commercial drivers, school bus drivers, and young drivers from Connecticut and New York to Louisiana and Washington, D.C., cell phone bans from law enforcement haven’t solved this public health hazard.

The costs of distracted driving are huge, not only for individuals but also for businesses. With a single violation for unsafe cell phone use increasing insurance premiums by an average of 23%, commercial fleets can stand to lose millions from law enforcement penalties, car accident claims, and insurance company premiums. That’s why the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recommends investing in essential technology to combat distracted driving and motor vehicle crashes caused by cell phone use, such as easy-to-use, managed mobile experiences and AI dash cams. Mobile Experience Management works seamlessly with the Samsara Driver App and AI Dash Cams to minimize device distractions and keep drivers safe. 

The Samsara Driver App is designed for hands-free use. Smart, simple features, such as automatic screen brightness adjustment based on the time of day and a clean, intuitive Hours of Service display keep drivers safe and compliant with Department of Transportation requirements. To minimize distractions like cell phone conversations, fleet managers can use advanced MEM features like Focus Mode to disable calling, texting, and push notifications while vehicles are in motion. However, drivers can still safely communicate with managers on the road using text-to-speech messaging to read in-app messages out loud. The Driver App can also easily integrate with any other application through Samsara’s open API to further simplify the in-cab experience and reduce app overload.

For a best-in-class safety program, fleets should pair Samsara’s mobile technology with Samsara’s Proactive Coaching solution. By detecting distracted drivers and alerting them to stay focused in the cab, AI and automation technology reduce the risk of car accidents, collisions, and fatal crashes. Samsara Dual-Facing AI Dash Cams proactively help drivers self-correct risky habits such as texting and driving, multitasking, and inattention in real-time. In-cab audio alerts remind drivers to put electronic devices down and keep their eyes on the road, while safety event video footage and coaching workflows help managers instill safe driving habits among risky or novice drivers.

Is Mobile Experience Management a mobile workforce management tool?

Yes, Mobile Experience Management can play a key part in your mobile workforce management software stack. Mobile workforce management systems (MWM) are focused on empowering field workers with digital tools and processes that reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity and satisfaction. MWM solutions range from real-time tracking and invoicing automation to field service management and task management for mobile teams. By making it easy to customize and control the end-user experience for employees, MEM is one example of an effective mobile workforce management solution.

How does Mobile Experience Management improve mobile workforce management?

Mobile Experience Management improves mobile workforce management by enabling organizations to easily customize and control mobile experiences to simplify daily tasks, connect distributed teams, and enhance safety to boost employee motivation and morale. 

With an estimated 50% of deskless workers leaving their jobs within four months of being hired due to poor work experiences, it’s important to invest in the right technology to engage and retain your workforce. Since 90% of mobile workers believe purpose-built tech will improve their daily operations, communication, and productivity, employers have increasingly embraced mobile apps and devices to improve communication, streamline processes, and personalize the employee experience. 

MEM can be a powerful part of your mobile workforce management toolkit. Together with Samsara’s best-in-class safety, telematics, and mobile solutions, MEM helps you protect your workforce, empower teams to perform at their best, and run smarter, more efficient operations from the cab and the field to the back office

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