Samsara Customer Benefits

Business Insights

Follow the data. It’s not about selling you our product, it’s about demonstrating the value Samsara will bring to your business.

Samsara Elite Prospects receive complimentary pilot management and assessment before finalizing a purchase. These turnkey projects range from 2 to 6 months in duration, during which our Business Value Strategists (BVS) partner with you and your team to design an in-depth pilot, and deploy and monitor a significant number of Samsara devices into your ecosystem. Our BVS team will also validate and quantify the impact Samsara can have on your business and your expected return on investment, and include a strategic roadmap to scale the value experienced during the pilot.

Implementation Consulting Services

We’re just getting started. Here at Samsara, we know that implementation is where the real work begins.

Samsara Elite customers will receive complimentary implementation & training services. Our Senior Implementation Consultants (SICs) bring program management expertise and a strong track record for delivering results. Our SICs collaborate with you to design and deliver a smooth go-live, minimizing the time from purchase to business value. This includes but is not limited to customized and detailed project planning, on-site support, and tailored trainings for your workforce.

Technical Solutions Engineering Services

Get the most out of your technology. At Samsara, we know new products can’t stand alone — they must seamlessly integrate with your business.

Samsara Elite customers have access to our Technical Solutions Engineers (TSEs) who are tasked with making your deployment a success. Our TSE teams cover a wide spectrum of technical solution support: API calls, custom reports, integration architectural design review, database query optimization, and much more. Our goal is to partner with you to ensure that your business’s unique technical requirements are met.