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Group Tyre streamlines mobile operations with Samsara, deploying devices 75% faster to drivers

"Integrating Samsara's telematics data with our systems has been transformative. It's reduced the amount of phone calls chasing deliveries by around 70%. This integration is not just about tracking; it's fundamentally changing how we interact with our customers and manage our operations."

John Kingman, IT Manager, Group Tyre

Standout benefits:

  • Device deployment to drivers was 75% quicker with the introduction of Samsara’s Mobile Experience Management, significantly streamlining IT operations.
  • A 70% reduction in customer service calls was achieved through integration with Samsara’s API, due to accurate 30-minute delivery windows to customers.
  • Improvement in driver safety scores was realised following the adoption of in-cab coaching.

Founded in 2010, Group Tyre has evolved from a fledgling enterprise into a leading player in the tyre wholesale industry. The business has not only witnessed significant growth during this time but also embraced technological advancements to stay ahead in a competitive market. With a fleet operating predominantly in Southeast England, Group Tyre prides itself on its commitment to exceptional service and operational efficiency.

Despite its impressive growth, Group Tyre faced challenges with its legacy telematics system, which fell short of supporting its expanding operational needs. The inefficiencies in driver monitoring, vehicle tracking, and data integration hindered the company’s ability to optimise fleet performance and customer service.

Delivering improved customer service with a strong foundation

Turning to Samsara in 2019, Group Tyre implemented a suite of advanced solutions including Vehicle Telematics, Video-Based Safety, and an integration with its own business software using Samsara’s open API. This strategic move was aimed at enhancing fleet management through real-time data and improving overall operational efficiency.

Vehicle telematics forms the foundation of Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud. With the easy plug-and-play installation of the Samsara Vehicle Gateway in its 50+ vehicles, Group Tyre was able to quickly see a return on its investment. As an example, it was now possible to  give accurate 30-minute delivery windows to customers. This led to a 70% reduction in customer service calls which freed up staff to address more pressing customer issues, as well as improving the customer experience.

Accelerating back-office and driver efficiency with Mobile Experience Management

Group Tyre's move towards a more efficient and responsive fleet management system was significantly advanced with the adoption of Samsara's Mobile Experience Management (MEM) solution. This innovative system offered a leap from traditional mobile device management practices, aligning more closely with the dynamic needs of their growing fleet. The previous solution was often clunky and inflexible, often creating extra work for the IT team.  

John Kingman, IT Manager at Group Tyre, described the transformative impact of Samsara MEM on their operations: “It’s 75% quicker for me to deploy a device and get it into a driver’s hand versus the traditional mobile device management system that we were using.” That means a half-hour job has been reduced to between five and ten minutes of work.

This remarkable improvement in deployment speed led to a cascade of operational efficiencies. This includes the ability to issue standardised policies by the use of a single QR code directly from the dashboard. With MEM, Group Tyre's drivers experienced reduced downtime, enabling them to spend more time on the road and less time waiting for equipment. This efficiency extended to the IT department as well, freeing up their resources to focus on broader business growth initiatives rather than being mired in time-consuming device management tasks.

The IT department wasn't the only one to experience improvements. The Operations team gained the ability to independently onboard new devices while in the field, requiring minimal support from IT. Their capability to assist users immediately and locate lost devices has been another significant benefit.

Kingman further elaborated on the benefits of Samsara MEM: “The efficiency of MEM versus our prior device management solution is amazing. It allows me to support them [the drivers] better than what we were doing previously.” Third-party remote support and tracking tools were utilised to access or locate devices, which often led to cumbersome procedures for drivers seeking assistance. The integration of built-in remote support eliminates these obstacles, simplifying the process for end users to receive help.

The MEM's enhanced control and security features were also pivotal in maintaining high standards of data security and operational efficiency, something that is crucial for Group Tyre’s expanding business operations. A key piece of functionality is Focus Mode, which  restricts driver interaction with tablets to just the Samsara driving screen when driving, activating at a set speed.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency with Samsara's Technology

Group Tyre's journey towards enhanced fleet safety and operational transparency has been significantly bolstered by the adoption of Samsara's Dual-Facing AI Dash Cams. This advanced technology has brought about a shift in the way Group Tyre approaches driver behaviour and fleet management.

Kingman shared details about the practical benefits of these dash cams: "We monitor performance issues such as speed, non-seatbelt wearing, eating at the wheel, and mobile phone checking. If there’s an issue, we contact the driver straight away. It’s led to them really slowing down their speed, and there are hardly ever instances of drivers checking their mobile phone."

The introduction of these dash cams has led to notable behavioural changes among drivers, fostering a culture of safety and responsibility. Kingman highlighted the dash cams’ immediate feedback feature, In-Cab Nudges, which has been instrumental in improving driver habits: "The device will automatically give them the feedback when they trigger an event for the first three times. And then, after the third event, it then raises it to our coaching team."

This proactive approach to driver safety – enabled by Samsara's technology –  has not only enhanced the drivers' awareness but has also played a crucial role in reducing safety-related incidents. The dual-facing cameras provide a comprehensive view of each driving event, essential for understanding on-road situations and driver behaviour.

In essence, the deployment of Samsara Dual-Facing AI Dash Cams has been a vital step in Group Tyre's commitment to safer, more efficient, and transparent fleet operations. The technology's impact extends beyond mere monitoring, creating an environment where safety is ingrained in every aspect of the driving experience.

Group Tyre’s partnership with Samsara exemplifies how technological innovation can drive operational excellence in the tyre wholesale industry. By embracing Samsara’s cutting-edge fleet management solutions, Group Tyre has set a new standard in efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction, paving the way for continued growth and success in a competitive market.

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