Our commitment to safety

Our customers’ number one priority is getting everyone home safe at night. We are committed to helping them achieve that goal. Our approach doesn’t just provide better visibility into safety—it enables behavioral and cultural change that ultimately saves lives.”

Ryan Reading

VP, Safety

How Samsara helps customers improve safety and save lives

IoT and AI are transformative technologies that allow organisations to identify and prevent high-risk behaviour and extend "virtual safety coaches" to remote and distributed operations. Here’s how Samsara help customers foster a culture of safety:

Get insight into safety-critical data

Through the use of sensors and cameras, Samsara helps businesses of all kinds gain newfound visibility and insights into the safety of their operations. Fleet customers use our AI dash cams to automatically detect safety-critical events—like harsh braking and distracted driving—and send incident footage to the cloud. Industrial customers use our Machine Vision cameras to ensure labels for allergens, best-by-dates, and usage instructions are present, accurate, and properly applied for consumer safety.

Prevent accidents and save lives

Samsara doesn’t just provide data—our thoughtfully designed software provides the tools, reports, and insights needed to understand safety trends and enact change. Fleet customers can access robust driver scorecards, trend reports, and coaching workflows that are proven to decrease safety-critical events over time. Plus, our workforce solution offers advanced analytics to identify and minimise time spent by employees in hazardous areas.

Exonerate safe drivers from blame

With real-time detection of safety-critical events and auto-uploaded event footage, our fleet customers can exonerate innocent drivers from false claims and avoid lengthy litigation. In fact, more than 50% of dash cam customers have used Samsara dash cam footage to exonerate drivers in the past year. Many have found that Samsara’s unique ability to exonerate and engage drivers decreases driver turnover, helping keep safe drivers around.

Windy City Limousine

Build a safer culture with data-driven coaching

Built-in tools and reports—like our Safety Inbox, driver coaching tools, and safety score gamification—enable day-to-day workflows that encourage consistent safety habits across your organisation. By enabling a comprehensive safety-based rewards program and engaging drivers in safe driving habits, Samsara helps businesses improve their safety culture and create long-lasting change.

Protect the integrity of your brand

By improving operational safety and arming customers with real-time data on safety-critical events, Samsara helps businesses of all sizes protect the integrity of their brand. With the ability to exonerate drivers from false claims and reduce accidents over time, fleet customers can defend their image on the road and win more business.

Maintain safer vehicles and equipment

With Samsara’s preventative maintenance tools, customers can proactively schedule maintenance based on time, mileage, or engine hours, so they can be sure their vehicles are always safe for employees to operate. Plus, real-time alerts make it possible to anticipate safety-critical maintenance issues—like unsafe vehicles and engine faults—and fix them before they cause any injuries, accidents, or roadside breakdowns.

Customer stories

Samsara’s customers operate businesses that form the backbone of our economy. We are committed to building products that help them improve operational efficiency, increase fuel and energy efficiency, and reduce their impact on the environment

With the help of Samsara, our customers are seeing fewer accidents and lower costs.


of customers say Samsara has helped improve safety within their fleet.*


of dash cam customers have used Samsara footage to exonerate drivers in the past year, saving £5,000 to £25,000 on average, with some customers saving over £100,000.*

*Based on an anonymous survey of more than 500 Samsara customers.

Armstrong Richardson

We didn’t have any evidence or data and couldn’t prove who was at fault. I don’t have to argue about whether something happened, a picture paints a thousand words and makes life so much easier.”

Steve Whitehead

National Transport Manager, Armstrong Richardson

Before installing Samsara, Armstrong Richardson had no visibility into what was causing accidents. Shortly after installing Samsara’s HD cameras, accident rates have fallen due to coaching and awareness.

Abbey Travel

Our drivers were initially nervous about the dash cams. Once we explained that we could only see footage if an incident took place or we specifically recalled a small piece, and that our goal was to make sure our team was safe and protected from attacks, it was great.”

Steve Woodall

Transport Manager, Abbey Travel

Simco Logistics

We're having much fewer accidents, and the ones we're having are more minor. We’ve succeeded in selling a safety mission to our driver employees. It has been a game changer.”

Alan Drazen

Vice President, Simco Logistics

With Samsara, Simco streamlined driver coaching, prioritising review of the most high-risk events. In less than one year, Samsara paid for itself by helping reduce their accident rate by 50% and accident-related costs by 60%.

Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

At Ghilotti we view our team as our family, and Samsara helps keep our family safe.”

Gwen Mayer

Administrative Manager, Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

By providing visibility into speeding incidents and harsh events, Samsara has helped Ghilotti Bros. coach their drivers more consistently and effectively. Since March 2017, Ghilotti Bros. has clocked in 375,000 man-hours without accidents or injuries.