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How Does Samsara Improve Fleet Safety? The Results Are In

December 16, 2019


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We recently polled our customers to understand how Samsara helps improve safety, reduce accidents, and lower costs. More than 500 customers responded (anonymously to ensure honest feedback!), and the results show that Samsara has a tremendous impact on safety, with significant savings driven by incident exoneration. Read on to learn what our customers shared. 

Samsara customers run safer fleets 

9 out of 10 customers say Samsara has helped improve safety within their fleet. These improvements can manifest in many ways. Some fleets focus on reducing specific high-risk behaviors, like speeding or distracted driving, while others prioritize creating a positive fleet safety culture

Several customers shared that they use the gamification feature to encourage drivers to compete for higher safety scores. For example, one customer shared that their “drivers are challenged to keep their safety ranking as high as possible.” 

No matter what our customers focus on first, the impact is consistent–Samsara customers run safer fleets. 

Dash cams help lower insurance premiums

Thanks to proven safety improvements and better visibility into risk, 15% of Samsara dash cam customers have been able to reduce their insurance premiums. 

This is particularly impressive since overall industry trends show insurance premiums on the rise. The analyst Wilson Towers Watson predicted that commercial auto rates would increase between 6% and 12% in 2019. More recently, during a keynote presentation at the recent CCJ Solutions Summit last month, a prominent insurance broker predicted that insurance premiums will increase 20 to 25% in 2020

Based on these steep trends, we would be pleased if our dash cam customers could keep their insurance premiums flat—but we are especially happy to hear that many of our customers have actually reduced their premiums. Many customers shared that insurance premium savings alone paid for their entire dash cam investment. 

Preventing false claims provides significant savings

Over 50% of dash cam customers have used Samsara footage to exonerate drivers in the past year, saving $5,000 to $25,000 on average, with some customers saving over $100,000 a year. This is consistent with what we’ve heard from customers one-on-one. For example, Broco Oil saved over $100,000 in claims during a highway collision where their driver was not at-fault, and Moore Food Distributors saved $250,000 thanks to video footage that proved their driver was not responsible for a major accident that caused significant vehicle damage. 

Along with the cost savings, exonerating innocent drivers from blame is one of the most powerful ways to get driver buy-in for dash cams. While some managers believe dash cams lead to significant driver pushback, our survey revealed that for 93% of customers, dash cams have not negatively impacted driver retention. One customer shared that, “like with all change” there was “some resistance [to dash cams] at first, but that changed when we were able to use the footage to exonerate a few drivers.” Other customers shared that once drivers understand that cameras are for safety and protection, their reactions become positive. “After seeing the videos, [drivers] see the benefit.”

Interested in learning how Samsara can help you improve fleet safety? 

Reach out for a free trial and to learn more about our safety reporting tools and dash cams.


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