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GPS Fleet Tracking

How to lower fleet maintenance costs

Maximize uptime and minimize costs with real-time vehiclediagnostics, usage-based preventative maintenance schedules,paperless DVIRs, and more.

Dash Cam

How to exonerate innocent drivers

Defend your drivers and company against false claims and costly legal battles using video evidence.


Providing real-time delivery visibility

Improve customer communication and operational efficiency with real-time route tracking, automatic ETA alerts, and instant route updates.


How to improve route performance

Improve your planned versus actual route performance with real-time GPS tracking, advanced analytics, and intuitive reports.

Driver messaging

How to streamline driver communication

Stay connected with your drivers, with built-in WiFi, an all-in-one Driver App, and two-way instant messaging.

ELD Compliance

How to prevent HOS violations

Samsara’s FMCSA-certified ELD provides real-time visibility into your drivers’ duty status and simplifies compliance workflows.


How to go paperless

Minimize paperwork and maximize customer satisfaction, with app-based document capture and seamless document management.

Fleet Management

How to Lower Fuel Costs with Samsara

Samsara helps you reduce fuel costs by giving you coaching tools, route optimization, and fuel reporting all in one platform.


How to improve safety with driver coaching

Easily identify and manage coachable driving moments, and give drivers personalized, video-based feedback to improve future performance.

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