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Advancing Your Safety Journey: Reporting & Coaching Tools for Continuous Improvement

June 23, 2021

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This June is National Safety Month, an annual awareness campaign established by the National Safety Council in 1996. Each week, the NSC is focusing on a different safety topic. This week’s focus is “Advance Your Safety Journey”—finding ways to unlock continuous safety improvements across your organization.

Research from the McKinsey Global Institute indicates that remote sensor data has the potential to revolutionize operational safety, substantially reducing workplace illnesses, injuries, and fatalities. But data alone is not enough. Most data is not being used to its full potential; for example, the report found that only 1% of data from an oil rig with 30,000 sensors was being examined and used operationally.

Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform helps you make the most of your data and achieve meaningful, continuous safety improvements. In this blog, we’ll cover a few of the ways your organization can leverage new Samsara reporting and coaching tools to advance your safety journey.

Unlock actionable insights from your safety data

With the right technology, you can get visibility into hundreds of data points across your operations—from drivers to equipment and worksites. But how can you use this data to identify your biggest areas for improvement and prioritize your safety efforts?

Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform doesn’t just provide data; it makes your data actionable and easy to understand. Here are a few of the new reporting and analysis tools that can help you unlock actionable insights from your data:

  • Understand key safety insights at a glance: Our new Safety Dashboard provides at-a-glance visibility into key fleet safety data and high-level trends. Within the Safety Dashboard, you can view a to-do list of safety events that require review or coaching via the Safety Actions Banner. Additionally, you can configure a Safety Score Target and view how your overall Safety Score tracks against the target. Digging deeper, Risk Factors</span> provides a granular breakdown of driver behaviors affecting your Safety Score, and Key Contributors can help you understand which behaviors made the biggest impact on your Safety Score.

Safety Dashboard

"We needed a better way to track our leading and lagging safety indicators, and we wanted a way to share safety data with our customers. Samsara gives us more visibility into our safety than we could have anticipated.”

— Donna Miller, VP of Environmental Health and Safety at ACV Enviro

  • Benchmark and contextualize your performance: With the Fleet Benchmarks Report, you can compare your safety and efficiency data to similar organizations, providing insight into how you’re trending relative to peers. This makes it possible to contextualize your safety data and understand what is truly an area for improvement vs. what is meeting or exceeding peer benchmarks, so you can set more informed goals.

  • Easily identify and prevent operational hazards: Beyond fleet safety, our Operations Overview Dashboard provides the same interactive, real-time view into key equipment metrics without having to switch windows, since it’s all part of the Connected Operations Platform. With customizable alarm state colors and automated alerts, you can bring attention to high priority issues and preempt impending safety issues. Our Analysis feature helps you tap into the power of your own data by more easily running analyses to identify the root cause of critical equipment issues—so you can fix issues faster, keeping everyone safe.

Operations Overview Dashboard

"Remote monitoring tools like alarms and controls help our technicians prevent accidents before they happen. We leverage Samsara’s platform to make us the industry leader in safety.”

— Kaylee Stach, Transportation Compliance Lead at Certarus

Coach drivers more consistently and effectively at scale

Identifying and reducing risky behaviors through coaching is an important part of any safety strategy. In fact, video-based driver coaching has been proven to reduce safety-related events by 52%. But if you’re managing hundreds or thousands of drivers with limited bandwidth to review footage (and competing priorities), it can be challenging to find coachable moments and follow up consistently and effectively in a timely manner.

Samsara has built new coaching workflows within the dashboard that make coaching conversations more scalable and effective, providing more value beyond video visibility alone:

  • Coach more effectively based on repeated behaviors: With our new Coaching Hub, you can see—at a glance—all drivers that require coaching and view the last time a driver was coached. Coaching Sessions</span> enable behavior-based coaching by grouping behaviors that require coaching for each driver. For each session, you can drill down into behaviors and view footage of any events related to that behavior, making coaching more efficient and personalized to each drivers’ habits.

  • Save time and increase accountability: With Automatic Coach Assignment, you can streamline incident review and reduce administrative work by auto-assigning coaches to drivers’ safety events. Then, you can ensure accountability with the Coaching Effectiveness Report, which provides visibility into repeated behaviors by each driver after being coached. This makes it easier to measure the effectiveness of your coaching program.

“Samsara allows us to gauge the type of coaching and additional training that we can supply the employee to make them successful and a good, professional driver.”

— Troy Winthurst, Director of Safety at Dohrn Transfer Company

Get more tips from safety leaders across the Samsara community

Every day, our community of more than 20,000 customers—across diverse industries from transportation to utilities, manufacturing, the public sector, and more—is discovering new ways to use Samsara’s Connected Operations Platform to meaningfully improve safety.

Join us for our live webinar series this June to get tips on embedding a safety-first mindset across your organization and hear directly from industry leaders about their safety best practices. Register now to save your spot.

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