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Smart Trailer Solutions: 3 New Ways to Monitor Tire Health in Real-Time

March 29, 2021

Smart trailers are able to provide visibility into a trailer's whereabouts—but the benefits extend beyond just location tracking. Monitoring additional data such as temperature, engine diagnostics, and tire health opens the door to even greater efficiencies.

After driver and fuel costs, tires are the biggest cost center for fleets. Since trailers log thousands of miles monthly, tires need to be maintained often to ensure they are operating correctly. If not, it can impact tire life, fuel efficiency, and safety. Underinflation can decrease overall tire life by more than 30%, and half-filled or partially filled tires can reduce fuel efficiency of a vehicle by up to 10%. In a worst case scenario, a tire-blowout or issue caused by improper inflation can lead to an accident, affecting delivery times, customer service, and driver safety.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the integration of tire performance data from Advantage PressurePro into Samsara’s trailer tracking solution, giving fleet operators three new ways to monitor tire health in real-time.

  • Tire Condition Alerts: Email and text alerts can be set up for any level of tire condition, for example, critically over temperature, over pressure, or under pressure.

  • Tire Condition Details Page: Operators can visualize each tire’s condition, pressure, setpoint, and temperature. They can also click in to see pressure history over time.

  • Tire Condition Maintenance Report: Maintenance teams can view a summary of tire health across their fleet and filter based on tire condition to quickly identify and address critical issues.

Prevent Accidents with Alerts

Trailer tire pressure can fluctuate due to environmental conditions or human error, and under or over inflation can lead to a costly tire-blowout or accident. Not only is this a huge safety concern, but it also affects insurance costs, delivery times, and customer satisfaction. Roadside repair for a failed tire can cost more than $600 per call, and that’s not including the cost of the delay and potential loss of business.

By integrating PressurePro TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) with Samsara, drivers or managers can be alerted via email or text on any tire condition so they can catch an issue before it escalates. In order to prevent unnecessary emails and texts, alerts can be set to only trigger when the tire has held a condition for a specified amount of time.

Tire Condition Alert Setup

Increase Fuel Efficiency through Tire Condition Details

According to the US Department of Energy every one drop in tire pressure (PSI) lowers gas mileage by 0.2%. A 6 PSI drop can lead to a 2% increase in fuel use, which can mean thousands of dollars across a larger fleet of trailers. Visibility into tire conditions and pressure over time can give fleet managers a good idea of where they can save on fuel costs.

PressurePro tire condition data is displayed on each trailer overview page in Samsara. Here customers can view tire position, pressure, setpoint, temperature, and historical data. To catch issues at a glance, tire condition is categorized using these diagnostics:

  • Normal: No fault codes are reported by the PressurePro gateway.

  • Critical: Over temperature, Extreme over pressure, Extreme under pressure

  • Cautionary: Over pressure, Under pressure, Across axle fault, Leak detected

  • Unknown: No data is reported from the PressurePro gateway

Tire Condition Details Page

Streamline Maintenance with Tire Maintenance Reports

Tires cost $400 on average, so a 30% decrease in tire life can add up across large fleets. Keeping track of the health and maintenance of hundreds or thousands of tires requires a robust tire maintenance program. With PressurePro TPMS and Samsara, maintenance teams can access overall tire status across their fleet and dig into more granular trailer data such as current location, current driver, and tire diagnostics. All of this information can be exported as a CSV file for use in other fleet workflows.

Tire Maintenance Report

The PressurePro integration is available today for the AG26. To learn more, reach out to use at Or, get started today with the hardware installation guide and the dashboard setup guide.

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