Bringing Driver-Centric Insights to Fleet Management

Bringing Driver-Centric Insights to Fleet Management

April 24, 2018

“Does Bill have enough time in his workday to make an extra delivery?”

It’s a question that seems simple on the surface, with a straightforward yes-or-no answer. But to determine whether that extra delivery can be made, you need to know the answers to several additional questions:

  • Where is Bill?

  • How long will it take him to complete the extra job?

  • How much driving time does Bill have left in his shift before he violates his Hours of Service (HOS)?

  • If he can’t make the delivery, who can?

Vehicle telematics, routing software, and electronic logging devices can aid the decision-making process. While these technologies provide visibility into vehicle locations, route plans, and records of duty, data are all too often scattered across several different systems. This means that deciding whether to dispatch Bill can still be a process that is complex, time-consuming, and prone to error.

That’s why we’re excited to share that we’re making it easier to access driver-centric insights in the Samsara dashboard. By centralizing different sources of driver data into a single view, Samsara provides you with better perspective to help inform your daily operations and manage drivers’ performance.

Respond Faster with Real-Time Driver Insights

Our all-new Drivers tab lets you see details such as Hours of Service, duty status, and real-time location at a glance. We make it simple to determine who is driving, who is available for a new job, and who is overdue for a break. If your drivers are subject to HOS requirements, you can instantly identify drivers who are currently in violation or nearing violation of their hours.

Driver Overview

When your fleet’s efficiency and compliance are on the line, time is of the essence. Samsara’s integrated platform streamlines the process of gathering information and taking action. You can view any driver’s profile to get more context on their real-time situation. Once you determine the best course of action, you can immediately communicate changes to your drivers by sending them a message via the Samsara Driver App.

Driver Details

Improve Driver Performance and Make Feedback Personal

Taking a driver-centric perspective also helps you identify patterns in driver behavior. From the Drivers tab, you can review historical reports that see whether a driver regularly misses performance targets. For example, if a driver has multiple HOS violations, you can view her driver history and coach her to be more careful about taking her rest breaks. By using contextual, specific information to communicate about drivers' behavior, you can more effectively coach them to meet your performance standards.

HOS Overview

Driving More Intelligent Fleets

At Samsara, we’re on a mission to make data easier to access and analyze. We’re excited to continue enhancing our driver-centric insights and help fleets make better-informed decisions to ensure safety, compliance, and efficiency.

The Driver tab is now available to all Samsara customers. If you are not yet a Samsara customer but want to see how we can help you view your fleet in a new light, get in touch to request a free trial!

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